Festive Nails: Penguins

Festive Nails: Penguins

 What You’ll Need:

A mint Coloured varnish- here I have Rimmel 60 Seconds

Matte Black Nail Varnish- Barry M

Matte White Nail Varnish- Barry M

Brown Nail Varnish- Revlon Expresso

Orange Nail Varnish- Collection 60 Seconds

Green Nail Varnish- NYC

Blue Nail Varnish- Barry M

Red Nail Varnish- Drop Dead Gorgeous

Glitter Nail Varnish- Seventeen         (Optional)

Clear Top Coat- Barry M Plump Top Coat

1. First Things first, either apply your fake nails or a base coat onto natural nails.

2. Take the Mint colour and apply 2 coats to your nails.


3.Use the Black to draw an oval on each nail and fill it in, this will be the base for your penguins. *At this point, you can add glitter over the black if you want.


4.Use the White to draw the inside circle of the penguin.  Paint on black eyes to each penguin.

5. Use the orange to draw on flippers, and an orange beak on 3 of your nails. Draw on a red nose to the other 2. I would recommend choosing the thumb and ring finger as these have spaces in between.


6. Use the brown to draw on antlers. Draw on hats with red and green; then use a dotting tool to make the holly.


7. Dot the end of the Santa hat in white, draw on small leaves for the holly. Then dot the end of the elf hat with red and draw on a small scarf using the blue.

festive nails.jpg

8.Finish off the design by applying 1-2 coats of Top Coat. Enjoy!

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