Hobby Challenge: What’s it all about?

Then I got to thinking: it’s about time I got myself some new hobbies- and with new year just around the corner I came up with a plan. Find a new hobby every month in 2016, try it out and blog about it! So that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Now comes the hard part: choosing what new thing I will try each month. I personally feel that it can be hard to come out of my comfort zone, but that’s precisely what I am planning on next year, hopefully gaining some new skills along the way.

After a lot of thinking- and I mean A LOT- here is my final list. For now at least:

January- Meditation: Meditate Every Day

February- Headstand for one minute

March- Wear braids for a week

April-  Upload a Singing Video

May- Jewellery Making

June- Dressmaking: Make a Dress

July- Vlogging: Make AT LEAST one Vlog

August- Learn to play the Guitar

September- Writing: Try and write a short story

October- Learn Astronomy

November- Running: Run once a Week

December- Make a Gingerbread House

So that’s the list so far! It is all subject to change throughout the year but it’s a good starting point. So all that’s left for me to say is I will see you at the start of 2016!

Thanks for Reading!

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