Meditation Month: Week One

 I have to be honest, I completely forgot on New Year’s Day to start my meditation. Not off to a good start eh?

However I downloaded a meditation app onto my iPad called ‘Breathe’. It’s free and really simple to use. You simply type in your top 5 emotions for the day- e.g. Hopeful, contented, excited etc… And then the app generates a few options for you. You can read the descriptions and decide which one you want to complete- then simply set it off and follow the instructions! Couldn’t be simpler!

I have been choosing the 5 minute long ones for this first week, but I will be upping my times next week. To be honest the first day, I just felt really sleepy once I had finished- which didn’t do me any favours at 8am. But over this past week I have honestly began to enjoy the feeling. It’s nothing special, but just having a small amount of time to completely block out everything but yourself, it is cathartic. It kind of gives you a sense of awareness in your body which is really pleasant.

This week has gone pretty well, I will report back next week with my progress and see if my energy levels increase- as some say meditation can do.

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