Writing Believable Characters

 believavle characters

Creating characters can be the most difficult part of writing a story: especially trying to make them as real and believable as possible. Here are my top 3 Tips for creating a good Character for your book.

  1. Take inspiration from real people or existing fictional characters

For me, this has been the top tip I have utilised for my writing. Usually when I have an idea what kind of character I am looking to make, I think about people or fictional characters within my favourite shows or films. From this, I could build the character’s appearance and personality.

 For example, if I was to take a popular character like Tony Stark from the Avengers- I would be able to describe my character as being very groomed and clean cut, with dark brown eyes and a sculpted physique. Similarly, if I were to take his personality, I could describe him as a narcissistic, vein man with a staggering ego and a sharp mind.

2.  Draw from yourself

I would say that every time I write I book I include myself in the mix somewhere, whether it be a main character or a passing cameo. I feel like this is the easiest way to build up a complex character- as you can draw from your own experiences and emotions on a deeper level. You could even write a version of you that you want to be. I am personally a very shy and introverted person, and sometimes I want nothing more than to be confident and able to speak my own mind. Writing a version of me in this way can be a good way to express emotions and I think it is cathartic.

3. Be Open to change

As with every part of writing- it is essential to be open to adapting a storyline/ character to suit your story. For example you could start off with a character who is very singular and nasty, however a development may happen within your book which causes a change in the character development. Don’t be put off by this, it’s a good thing to change your mind.

That’s it! Hope these tips help!

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