My Top 5 Hair Bloggers

There are so many beautiful women out there that blog about hair, and today I wanted to share with you my Favourite ones!

Amber Fillerup Clark (Barefoot Blonde)



The queen of braids in my opinion, I can guarantee that 99% of the time if you see a blonde with a braid on Pinterest, it’s Amber. She is gorgeous and has a blog as well as a YouTube channel, providing tutorials for really impressive looking braids, and she also blogs about her day-to-day life too! Go and send her some love!

Missy Sue


She is the cutest woman I have ever seen, and her hair tutorials are spectacular. If the blonde you saw wasn’t amber, it will be Sue! She creates gorgeous and complex styles, but makes them look so easy! Here’s her site:

Carli Bybel

I love Carli. Her makeup is always flawless, her fashion is impeccable and her hair is just beautiful. Over her time on YouTube, she hasn’t posted many tutorials of looks, but she has shown her maintenance routine in depth of several occasions. And she cuts her own hair too! Go and Check her Videos out!

 here and here

Christina- (Hair Romance)


If you’ve got Instagram, give hair romance a follow. She posts almost every day with beautiful hair styles from not only herself but other people too. She has also created several eBooks, including 30 Braids in 30 Days- where she provides in depth tutorials for each look.

Emily Meyers (Freckled Fox)


The hair on this girl is just amazing. If you have really long hair and struggle knowing what to do with it, Emily Meyers is the one for you. A proud mum of 5, she creates flawless styles with step-by-step tutorials which are really easy to follow. I actually used one of her style for myWeek of Braids: Day 6 post.

I hope this gives you a few new great bloggers to follow 🙂

I would love to know if there are any Hair Bloggers you really love, let me know in the comments!

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