Floral Spring Nails: Lilac

lilac nails.jpeg

As the weather is finally looking up here in the UK, I decided it was about time to get some floral colours onto my nails. This design is really simple but looks awesome! I hope you like it!

What you’ll Need:


Lilac Nail Polish (Barry M- Prickly Pear)

Pink Nail Polish (Barry M- Dragon Fruit)

White Nail Polish/  Nail Art Pen (Barry M- Matte White)

Black Nail Polish/  Nail Art Pen (Barry M- Matte Black)

Clear Top Coat (Barry M- Plumpy Top Coat)

  1. Paint your nails with 2 coats of lilac and pink- only putting the pink on your ring finger.

  2. Either with a nail art pen, or some polish and a thin brush- paint on sweeping lines to represent branches.

  3. Add on small leaves at regular intervals along the lines you drew earlier.

  4. Finish with a top coat and Enjoy!

lilac nails.jpeg

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