I Collect Gingers: What is it?

First things first- Happy St Patrick’s Day! A day where every man and his dog claims to be Irish, and even if you’re not, it’s still a good excuse to celebrate!


I first heard of I Collect Gingers about 2 months ago- after a page I follow on Facebook shared an article.

Anthea Pokroy is an Artist and Photographer in South Africa, and she is on a mission: collect photos and haor samples of EVERY ginger- Yes, every single one of us. Her aim is to create the largest database of Redheaded folk in the world- and i for one think it’s an amazing idea. Here’s her info- you should definitely check her out:

Anthea Pokroy
+27 (0) 82 497 2159
Twitter: @antheapokroy
Facebook page: I collect gingers
Instagram: @icollectgingers


This is certainly an ambitious task- one which started with her collecting 500 gingers. She wants to build a ‘ginger utopia’ in which she grades our foxy locks from Strawberry Blonde all the way down to Dark Auburn. In my opinion she is an inspiration and what she is doing is just spectacular.

Want to take part? Here is the simple process to be a part of the biggest ginger database in the world:

Simple right? I thought I would share my experience as I sent off my entry.

First of all I gathered my tools:

Finding the right piece of hair was a difficulty, and cutting it off felt like losing my little baby!

“Bye Bye Baby :'(“

Make sure you secure your strand of hair really well, the last thing you want is to get hair everywhere!

I think it took me far longer than necessary to pick the right photo, but i’m hapy with my final choice!

Done and Dusted! Now time to post this bad boy!

Now there are 2 additional things I need to do:

*Email Anthea at icollectgingers@gmail.com

* Complete an online form on what’s its like to be a ginger >> here <<

Note: Only complete these steps AFTER posting your photo!

The form has 3 main sections-  Personal Information, Appearance and Experience. Here is the layout:

All done! I hope you liked my post and found it helpful 🙂

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