Lymm Dam: Afternoon Stroll

 I love coming here, it’s always a nice place to go for a fairly short walk, and there is always plenty to look at. Spring is finally starting to show up, daffodils are starting to come up and snowdrops dominate pretty much everywhere. It’s awesome to see how the seasons are changing.

 To me, Moss like this always kind of looks like a mini heather patch. It’s really kinda cute.

 Is it just me or does this look like Santa?

 Millie always gets excitable on walks, constanty picking up sticks and running in front of passer’s by.

 Archie is a grogeous dog but i swear  have never managed to get more than a handful of decent photos of him, it’s like he just doesn’t want to be on camera. I garantee every time i get my camera out he looks away. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky!

 I just thought these little carvings were really cute 🙂

 I don’t know why, but every time I see a ‘Love Tree’ I thinking about all of the people that carved their names in there. I remember once seeing a carving dated 1742, how cool is that?

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