My Top 5 Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I always got loads of chocolate for Easter and then forgot to eat it, and we would melt it down around Christmas time instead. It’s not that I didn’t like chocolate, but I have just those few favourites which I completely love,  I can take or leave the rest. So, I thought today I would share my personal favourite eggs for Easter!

Galaxy Easter Indulgence

 For me, Galaxy chocolate isn’t an every day sort of chocolate- it’s more of a treat. So what better than getting an egg and 3 chocolate bars at Easter? Galaxy chocolate is so creamy and lovely, and this for me is the best way to enjoy it.



Maltesers MaltEaster Egg

Oh my goodness… I only tried the little bunnies for the first time and I swear I’m hooked, these are super cute and taste phenomenal!

Cadbury’s Dair Milk Caramel Egg

An oldie but definitely a goodie, if you want to keep it simple this year, cadburys never disappoint. Rich, milk chocolate and caramel is just the best combination, has there ever been anything better than this? Well, other than my next pick, I would have to say no.

Ferraro Rocher Egg

From the people who brought us Nutella, what can be more indulgent than a hazelnut Easter Egg? This my friends, is what Easter is all about. Great chocolate and bloated tummies afterwards.

Lindt Bunny

I know this isn’t an egg, but it would be a tragdy for me not to feature this, as it is my all time favourite chocolate treat. Lindt chocolate is the creamiest that I have ever had, and the fact it’s shaped lke a bunny is what dreams are made of… chocolate dreams, that is.

This is actually something that started when I was around 10, and my nanna bought me one for easter, and I loved it so much that she has bought me one every Easter ever since (and a chocolate reindeer for christmas too). If you have never had one of these, make it your mission to try one this year, I promise yu won’t regret it!

That’s my full round up of Easter Eggs, I would love to know what your favourite easter treats are, let me know in the comments 🙂

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