My Top 5 Spring Nail Picks

spring nails.jpegBefore you think I am being sponsored because they are all Barry M, i’m not. I just really love Barry M nail polish! In Spring it’s so easy to get carried away with pastels and bright colours, and I here I wanted to share my favourite 5 colours for this season.

1. Prickly Pear

2. Dragon Fruit

3. The Way you Make me Teal

4. Speedy Nail Paint- On Your Marks

5. Yellow Topaz



Prickly Pear

Lilac is the perfect spring colour in my opinion, it not only encompasses delicate flowers and pastels, but it is bright and fresh and very girlie! If you are looking for the perfect light purple, this is 100% the one for you.

Dragon Fruit

Wow… this colour is just BEAUTIFUL. So feminine and light, I feel that this is an essential addition to any nail collection.

Side note: Dragon fruit (the fruit)  is really hard to find, any suggestions for where I can buy it?

The way you make me Teal

First of all, how great is the name? Props to the marketing team on this one! Teal is a good colour all year round, you can fit this colour to any style and season.

Another plus with this polish is that it is daylight curing- meaning it lasts longer than normal varnishes and acts like more of a UV gel polish. Barry M have a whole range of colours in this style, and you simply need to buy the special top coat that goes with it and Voila!

On Your Marks

Yellow has spring written all over it! Buttercups, Daffodils, the sun… this really is the defining colour of the season.

 It can be really hard to find a yellow which is bright and pigmented enough, but this does both brilliantly, well worth buying!

Yellow Topaz

I am seriously considering marrying this colour. I use this pretty much every time I add glitter to my nails. The pieces of glitter aren’t too small and they are so shiny!

 With a mix of silvers and greeny/yellow, this is honestly the best glitter varnish I have ever bought (and I have tried A LOT). If you have never tried this varnish, try it now. I promise you’ll love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which are you favourite colours for spring? I would love to know in the comments!

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