Overnight Oats: Healthy Breakfast

I have always been really bad at eating breakfast. I used to skip it everyday and then i would be starving by lunchtime at school- which was never good for my concentration in lessons. It has only been in the last year that I have really been making myself remember to eat it, because after all…


if I had a penny for every time someone has said that to me… well let’s just say, I’d be on my private island sipping mango daiquiris right now.

Aaanyway… Breakfast!

Overnight oats are probably the most popular healthy breakfast that always pop up on my pinterest page (@Imogen Clegg). You can create endless combinations with fruit, nuts and chocolate. All you need is the base ingredients, and then the world is your oyster!

What You’ll Need:


1/2 cup Milk (or a nut-based equivalent)

1/2 cup Natural Yogurt

1/2 cup Oats

2 tsp Chia Seeds

1 tbsp Honey (or another natural sweetener)

Any fruit of your choice

1. To assemble your overnight oats, simply add all of your ingredients (apart from the fruit) into a mason jar or airtight container and mix it well.

2. Top with your favourite fruits and store in the fridge overnight.

Fruit Combinations:


*Blueberry and Strawberry

*Strawberry and Kiwi

*Apple and Raspberry

*Blueberry and chocolate 🙂

*Chocolate and Orange

*Pineapple, Mango and Orange

*Grapes and Peaches/ Nectarines

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