Valentines Nail Art: Hearts and Stripes

Red is my favourite colour- so it’s no surprise that I absolutely LOVE this time of the year! This is a really easy design to do but looks super effective!




1. Paint all of your nails red.

2. Use a burgundy or brown colour to trace out lines over the red to resemble tartan print.

3. For your ring finger: take some scotch tape, fold it in half and cut a halfheart shape as shown.Then open up the tape and cover your nail, making sure the heart-shaped hole is in the middle of your finger. Paint a layer of white and remove the tape while still wet.

4. For your Thumb and middle finger: carefully trace out a heart border  and then fill in the rest of your nail white. You can also acheive this           look by applying the white first and painting the red on top, but I found     this method easier.

5. Index Finger: Cut out 2 stripes in scotch tape and place over your nail,   paint white over the top and remove while still wet.

6. Little Finger: You can cut a triangle out of tape for this, but i just found it easy enough to paint over the nail.

7. Apply a top coat and you’re done!

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