Week of Braids: Day 1 and 2


It’s March, and Spring is definitely beginning to show! I decided I wanted to do ┬ásomething a little different for my Challenge this month

Because the weather is looking up, and I love trying out new styles- I am attempting to do a different braided hairstyle every day this week!

On Saturday I decided to start off with a bang- I have created dutch french pigtail braids (try saying that after a few drinks) . The concept of this style is actually fairly simple:

Just as if you were creating a french braid, you would start with 3 Sections, but rather than crossing the outside pieces over the middle, we cross them under. This creates a much more prominant braid and works great for a heatless wave style too. It also looks super cute!

On Sunday I went for a different approach, because I fully braided my hair the previous day, I wanted to mix things up a little. So here I have done a Headband French┬áBraid. This is a cute style that only takes 5 minutes to complete- so it’s perfect if you are in a rush and just want to do SOMETHING with your hair.

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