How to Strip Hair Dye

Have you ever had a day where you felt really adventurous and dyed your hair just for the hell of it? And have you ever looked at your hair and thought…

‘what the hell have I done?’

Well, I have done. I woke up one morning and looked at my Auburn hair in the mirror: and thought to myself ‘I need to make my hair brighter’. So I bought a copper hair dye from Boots, excited that I would have really nice hair by the afternoon, and dyed my hair.
I don’t know if any of you Redheads have ever had trouble dyeing your hair- but I won’t be doing it again. My hair darkened, so it was almost Mahogany. I was gutted. At this point I began frantically searching for a way to take the dye out, without having to pay at the hairdressers.

Luckily after 2 days, I stumbled across the solution:

What you’ll need:

30 Vitamin C Tablets                        Conditioner                                           Hair Clip   

Firstly, Crush up your Vitamin C Tablets until they are a smooth Powder.

Add in approximately 1.5 tbsp of Conditioner and mix into a paste. Add more conditioner if necessary.

Wet your hair, and then apply the mixture all over the hair, being sure to comb it through thoroughly.

Clip up your hair and then either wrap your head in cling film or wear a shower cap. Leave the mixture to soak into your hair for 1 hour.

Rinse out the Conditioner and then shampoo as normal. It might take a couple of applications to completely strip the dye, but make sure you wait a few days been applications.

Enjoy having your natural colour back!

*NB: Make sure to condition your hair afterwards as Vitamin C can leave your hair a little bit dry.*

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips for hair mishaps!

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