May Favourites


May as finally seen the start of summer here in England, and all of my favourites this month are very summery!

No7 dry skin rescue (here)


To be Frank- my hands are as dry as the Sahara a lot of the time. I’m useless at remembering to pack cream in my bag, and then even when i have it, i completely forget to use it. I got this cream as part of a spring free gift from boots when i bought some other things. And of course, the first thing i did was pop this into my work bag. I don’t really like the feel of cream on my hands, it’s too sticky and greasy. And, while this is a little sticky, it’s not at all greasy, and it’s one of the best hand creams I have ever used.

If you have really cracked fingers and skin around your nails, this cream is honestly a god send. I would recommend this to anyone- which is why i’m recommending it to you.

Nspa Mango Body Spray (here)


Oh. My. Goodness. I am OBSESSED with this body spray. Honestly, I love all things citrus and exotic, and this is just every mango lovers dream. It’s like smelling a mango smoothie. It kind of makes me crave Solero Ice Lollies. What I love about this spray is that the scent does last, and I have been using it as a perfume for the past few weeks. And I have even been spraying it on my jacket as well, you know, just in case there wasn’t enough mango already.


Alexi London Hollow Circle Bracelet 


I actually won this in a giveaway from Ana De Jesus at her blog: Faded Spring. If you haven’t seen her blog before, definitely check it out, she has lots of great fashion and style posts, which are great to get your fashion juices flowing.

Firstly, I love rose gold. I have always loved copper, and when rose gold started to become more popular, I was over the moon. I have always loved those old welsh gold celtic rings, and I love anything which is delicate and light.

This is a stunning little piece of jewellery, with the circle representing eternity and the whole bracelet screaming sophistication.

Urban Decay Freelove and Guilt


I have never had an anything from Urban Decay before, but I swear I’m caught hook, line and sinker. These eyeshadows are stunning!

Firstly, the consistency is creamy and light, and there is hardly any fallout at all when applied to the eyes. It doesn’t feel cakey at all, which I was surprised about.

As far as the pigments go: these two are the perfect example of warm and cool. Freelove is a mixture of coral, peach and pink. I am in love with this colour. It screams summer and it’s just beautiful! And the pigmentation? OH.MY.GOD! *flaps arms excitedly*

Guilt is more of a cool toned lilac with silver shimmer. I would say that this shade isn’t anywhere near as pigmented as freelove, but it’s an amazing colour to brighten up a smoky eye. Perfect as an evening colour.

In short, if you haven’t tried any of the Urban Decay eyeshadows before: I urge you to give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!

EcoBrush Wooden Hairbrush (here)


I am a huge advocate for using wooden hair brushes over plastic or metal for several reasons:

  • The wood absorbs your natural oils and redistributes it each time you brush your hair
  • It doesn’t dig in or scratch your scalp, it actually feels like a mini head massage
  • It isn’t rough on the hair, like plastic or wire bristles can be

I explain this in more detail in my ‘10 Steps to Healthy Hair‘ post.

This brush in particular is a great price, and it’s pretty small in size which I think is an added bonus. I have been using this brush since October, and I would never recommend another brush over this.

Barry M Nail Polishes


(from left to right:Sugar Apple, Flamingo, Starfish, Satsuma)

As I have probably said a MILLION times… You can’t get any better than Barry M Nail Polish! The consistency is perfect, the colours are gorgeous and it’s actually pretty long wearing for a cheaper brand. If you’re on a budget this is the one for you, or even if you’re not actually!

Flamingo and Starfish are 2 of the new ‘coconut infusions’ range. Coconut is super summery and fresh, so this just seems like the perfect thing to mix with polishes of these colours. All of the colours in the range are super bright and light, and great for summer. Check them out here.

What products have you been loving this month? I would love to know!

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