I don’t know about you…

I don’t know about you…

But I’m feeling 22!

Yes, that’s right! Today is my 22nd Birthday! And in the spirit of this, I have decided to tell you all 22 facts about me and my life!

  1. I am a 100% Natural Redheadfreckles
  2. I am part English, Welsh and Scottish
  3. My First word was ‘Buddlie’ (I think i was trying to say Buddleia– a type of plant)
  4. I was the only person in my class in primary school to pass my 11+ to get into a grammar school
  5. My teachers in nursery used to call me ‘Scary Spice’ because my hair was wild (you’ll see later)
  6. My Favourite film as a child was ‘Thumbelina’ and I would make my Nanna play it for me every Sundaythumb.gif
  7.  I am TERRIFIED of spiders (and crumpets… it’s the holes)
  8. In my lifetime I’ve had the following pets: 5 Dogs, 7 Cats, 3 Mice, 1 Hamster, 1 Degu, 1 Rabbit, 4 Lovebirds, 100 fish and 2 Terrapins
  9. We have a Blackbird in our Garden which we have called Tony
  10. I can run 100M in 13.2 seconds (which I think is fairly fast)
  11. When I was seven, I got up on stage at my friends parents wedding party and did the robot while singing Kylie Minogue ‘Can’t get you out of my Head’
  12. In nursery, I played the innkeeper in our nativity, and I had a cold so i was coughing all the way through it. I had to say ‘Round the Back’ to everyone who came to the door, and I was known for it by all of my teachers and parents for years!
  13. My and my best friend once wrote a song titled ‘Vitamin C’
  14. Some say I look like a cross between Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Billie Piper (I don’t agree)
  15. I am a measly 5’1 and a half, and my legs make up half of my height!
  16. As a teenager I was so obsessed with Vampire Diaries that I had a poster on my wall, all of the books and TV Series, and all of ‘Stefan’s Diaries’ aswell *cringe*
  17. My Favourite Drink of all time is Sparkling Peach Water
  18. When I was 9, my friends 6 year old brother used to get bullied by this horrible kid, and once he was coming over to say something to my friends brother so I shouted ‘Oi, Dickhead!’… and at that precise moment my mum and dad walked past.Oops!
  19. I was once watching the news (during a night where lots of people had blackouts), and turned round to my mum and said ‘Have we had a Powercut?’
  20. My food nightmare is anything that involves Onions, eggs or cheese
  21. I have been Asthmatic for all of my life
  22. My favourite colour is Red (of course!)



A photo of my Scary Hair when I was 3-4

scary hair

Tell me something random about you!

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