Summer Chevron Nails 

summer chevron nails

Happy Monday!

Now that we are finally getting a bit of hot weather here in England, I of course had to do a summer-themed design for you guys! As I’m writing this though we are forecast for some storms, so I hope the forecasts are wrong! We’ve been having some really loud thunder recently, so bad that my house actually shook the other day- scary!

What You’ll Need:

  • Light Blue (Sugar Apple- Barry M)
  • Peach (Flamingo- Barry M Coconut Infusions)
  • Orange (Satsuma- Barry M)
  • Sandy (Starfish- Barry M Coconut Infusions)
  • Gold (Revlon- Gold Coin)
  • Clear Top Coat
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors


1.Firstly, take ‘Sugar Apple’ and paint 2 thin coats onto the nails.

File_000 (5)File_001 (1)

2. Paint the top portion of your ring finger with ‘Starfish’, be as straight as you can but don’t worry because we are adding gold later on.

File_002 (1)

3. Next, taking a piece of scotch tape and a pair of scissors, cut out an arrow shape. At this point you’ll have 2 pieces of tape. Place the pointed tape onto your index finger, halfway up, and place the other a little further up. This will leave you with a chevron shape to fill in. Take ‘Flamingo’ and paint the arrow. Remove the tape quickly before the polish dries.

Repeat this step for all remaining arrow shapes.

When you get to your thumb, simply space the tape twice as far apart and paint ‘Flamingo’ on the bottom half and ‘Satsuma’ on the top. You don’t need to worry about wobbly lines as we will be painting gold over this later.

File_003 (1)File_004 (1)File_005File_006File_007File_008File_009

4. Taking Revlon ‘Gold Coin’, you can begin to paint the remaining lines using a thin brush or the tape method if you find this easier:

  • Thumb: in-between Satsuma and Flamingo
  • Index Finger: Surrounding ‘Flamingo’
  • Middle Finger: Above Satsuma and below Starfish
  • Ring Finger: Under ‘Starfish’
  • Little Finger: Two lines towards the top of your nail

5. Finish with a Clear Top Coat and you’re done!

summer chevron nails

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