A Sunny Day in Southport

Southport hasn’t got the best reputation when it comes to seaside towns. It’s often grouped with Blackpool as being a little tacky and old fashioned. I haven’t been to Southport since I was about 6, so I don’t really remember it anyway, but on Saturday my parents decided to give it a go because it was the only place where rain wasn’t forecast. We weren’t disappointed! The best way I can describe Southport is a mixture between Fleetwood, Lllandudno and Kendal. It is everything. Beautiful gardens beside the sea, a pleasure beach which is dog friendly, and a huge pier.

Honestly, one of the best seaside days out I have had in years.

The Food: Guelder Rose Pub (here)

We found this pub on the seafront, it’s dog friendly and in a great location to look out at the coast. I ordered Cheesy garlic bread to start and then Peri Peri chicken as the main (with a pint of lager of course!) The food was great, the service was super quick and the staff were all really friendly. I would recommend this pub as the perfect place to eat if you are visiting the area!

Archie was a bit overheated and tired while we were at the pub, so he lay down under this bush and had a little nap!

We first got onto the beach just in front of the pub, but because I forgot to take any Sun Cream (as a ginger this is bad news), we decided to walk along the pier and into the town centre so I could pick some up (SPF 50, of course). Towards the end of the pier we came across a hall of mirrors- And of course me and my mum just had to take a look! There is also a great pub just at the end called ‘King’s Gardens’ which had live entertainment all through the day of various singers- it was a great atmosphere! See here

Once we’d been into the town we came across this ice-cream shop, and I ordered a Kinder Bueno Ice-Cream. Oh. My. God. Best ice-cream flavour ever! I may even have to try this myself at home!



The dogs were getting pretty hot as we got towards the beach, so we let them cool of in the beachside lake, and then got them wet under the water fountain (don’t worry, they really did enjoy it afterwards!)


The gardens and lake here are stunning, and it just adds a beautiful bit of colour to the promenade.


We were surprised to find out that the pleasure beach was dog friendly, and even has these little ‘Doggie Watering Stations’ throughout. Millie couldn’t let me take a photo without a demonstration!


Eventually we ended up on the beach, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure if anyone has ever seen the tide in! The sea was miles away, we only managed a certain amount of walking before giving up and going in-land.

Here’s me searching for the sea

We found a puddle! That’s good enough for the doggies!

You can’t come to the seaside without getting a slush puppy!

Finally back on land, after 21,000 steps racked up on my Fitbit, it was time to lie down on the grass.

File_000 (2)

Have you ever been to Southport? Have you ever seen the Sea? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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