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Hello, I’m Imogen and I have a herbal tea obsession.



Which is why I was super excited when a couple of weeks ago the team at Teagime kindly sent me their 14 day detox to try out. They are a company from England who have made it their mission to provide us with personalised tea detox packages, to meet our individual needs and make great flavours which we will love! Their Tea is 100% natural, and blended personally by them to provide us with a tantilising tea treat! (try saying that really fast)

Honestly, if there’s a person in the world who knows her herbal tea- it’s me. I have on average 5-8 cups of green and herbal tea each day!

Below I will share with you my journey, my thoughts on each of the teas and my overall experience with this detox.


The Process

In order to get your tea sent to you, a quick questionnaire needs to be filled out so that the team can get an idea of what you want and need out of your tea experience. I personally suffer from bad circulation, I get bloated quite easily and I also have been having issues with my skin lately.

From my information, the team sent me my welcome pack and these are the teas which were included for me:

I am really happy with these choices, as they are targeted at each of the problem areas which I addressed in the initial questionnaire. The package was put together with care and it arrived 2 days after it was sent!


Now for the drinking…


Day One: First Impressions

Morning- No More Cold Feet



Containing a warming mix of Strawberry, Honey Red Tea and Hawthorn, this tea tastes very warming and earthy- perfect for helping me to wake up in the morning!

I paired this tea with a healthy breakfast of fruit, and this was a really great way to fuel me for the day ahead.




Juniper Ascending (love the name)

Pouchong Tea, Hibiscus and Juniper Berries combine beautifully to make a refreshing and fruity, after lunch tea. I love this one! The juniper berries are just packed full of flavour and I often had to go back for a second cup! If I could have this tea on tap, I would!

This tea is perfect for a relaxing drink whilst enjoying my garden.


Skin Magic

Made up of Nettle, Rooibos and Passion Flower, this tea is herby and earthy. A cup of tea at night is quite difficult for me to get used to, but this one is worth the effort. It warms the cockles and sets me up for a great night’s sleep.
I’m not called ginger fox for nothing! 

Day 7- One Week in 

I have been doing really well at remembering my morning and afternoon tea, but i keep forgetting about the night time one! I think I have had probably half of this week’s, so I will try harder to remember next week!

So far, two main things have stood out to me with these teas:

  • I don’t feel anywhere near as bloated, I always used to get bloated really easily and my water retention was pretty bad. Since I’ve been drinking the afternoon tea, I have noticed a difference in my digestion and my overall appearance, so I’m really happy about that!
  • My boyfriend hasn’t been complaining about my cold hands as much, so hopefully that means that the morning tea is working!


Day 14: Final Thoughts

I have finished the detox now, and honestly? I am really happy with how it went. I have heard people complain about teatoxes before because they act like laxatives, but this one doesn’t at all. It doesn’t make you feel ill, or tired, and the tea tastes amazing!

Have the teas solved my problems? 

Cold Feet: (and hands) Judging by not getting complaints, I would say my circulation must have improved. Of course, this could also be down to warmer weather, but I think that the tea must have done something.

Digestion and Bloating: I have seen a massive improvement in my stomach, it’s almost completely flat now, and I don’t get indigestion at all.

Energy: I have tonnes more energy in the mornings, I used to really struggle with feeling lethargic first thing, but now if anything I am at my most productive!

Skin:  I have seen a slight improvement with my skin, nothing major but any improvement is good to me!

Overall, I want to give Teagime my highest rating of 3/3!

foxiness 3


If you want to check them out yourself, head on over to their website >> here <<

I hope you enjoyed this review, and please let me know if you have tried this or are going to!


Behind the scenes with my lovely helper (Sam) 🙂

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