Game of Thrones: Season 6 Highlights

This series has been exciting, gripping and at times, very frustrating. With a whole change in the tide and dynamic of the show, we can look forward to some real drama next year.

But for now, let’s recap some of the highlights of this series:

10. The Sparrows are finally gone

I don’t know about you, but the sparrows have been seriously annoying me this season. It just seems that kings landing has been so boring because no one has been able to really do anything. For this, I am kind of grateful for Cersei’s evil streak coming back, and at least now there will be some action next series. Have you seen my post about Cersei’s Prophecy yet? It contains a theory which predicted this arson attack, plus some more ideas on what the future hold for our evil Queen.

9. The Spider’s web is spinning.

Yes, as we all knew, Varys always has an ulterior motive. Like little finger, he is cunning and clever, and has now teamed up with Ellaria Sand to take down the Lannisters for good. Snakes and Spiders on the same team? No one stands a chance.

8.  R+L=J?

FINALLY it has been confirmed that Jon is in fact Lyanna’s baby boy, and oh how heartbreaking it was to see her utter her last breath just as her son breathes his first. But, this still begs the question- is Rheagar his father or not? It looks like D+D aren’t playing ball quite yet, and they may drag this out for a while longer, just to keep us on our toes. I would be shocked if Rheagar isn’t the father, but if he isn’t, then who is?

7. Hold the Door

Almost more dramatic than the aftermath of the EU Referendum. Causing people to put signs on doors and lift buttons, the country was clearly shocked by Hodor’s Death. After years of Bran wondering why Hodor only says ‘Hodor’, only to find out that it was his fault all along for warging into poor little Wyllis as a child, causing him to turn into Hodor in the future.

6. Clegane Bowl is back on the cards

File_004 (1).png

The Hound is back, and damn he’s angry. After Ian McShane’s very brief appearance as Septon Ray, an ex sellsword who has now sworn off violence and lives in the forest with a group of like minded folk. He saved the Hound after finding him in the Vale, and nursed him back to health.


Of course, such a peaceful character couldn’t last long- and soon they were all massacred by the brotherhood without banners. Sandor is now an a rampage. My only hope is that he reaches king’s landing and has a final showdown with his resurrected brother, The Mountain.

5. Daenerys and Tyrion- Unstoppable team? 

dany and tyrion.jpg

The last few episodes has seen a great friendship and teamwork between the Imp and the Mother of Dragons. All 3 dragons are back together, and boy did they make an entrance. With Dany riding on Drogon’s back, Viserian and Rheagar both firing up in the background, it was a site to behold.

The execution of the spineless masters was a stroke of genius, and of course the arrival of the Greyjoys shows an interesting change within Westeros. The dynamic between Dany and Tyrion was apparent, with her looking to him before making a deal with Yara.

Previously ruled by men, are we about to see the women take over Westeros?

4. Arya’s Revenge

About bloody time. Literally. It was so satisfying to see Arya finally avenger her family, and in such a brutal way. We all cheered as her face came into view, and my dad said ‘Hooray, she’s finally doing something!’ Because let’s face it, Arya’s had a couple of stale seasons, but it looks like we’ve got our feisty Stark girl back!

3. Bye Bye Boltons


There was a resounding cheer when Ramsey had his face bitten off by his own hound … (as well as a few ‘eww‘s)

After 4 great seasons on the show, playing the most sadistic little bastard we’ve ever laid eyes on, Iwan Rheon hangs up his hat and says farewell to Westeros. Whilst it is kind of a shame to lose that guy we all love to hate, I think this was a fitting end to a man who did the same to his little brother and stepmother only a few episodes earlier. Bye Bye Ramsey.

2. Guess who’s back?

Benjen’s Back! After 5 seasons of wondering… apart from that mention at the end of last season (Olly), we could have been forgiven for forgetting about Uncle Benji. Of course, he’s not the same as he was- with dragon glass wedged into his chest, we aren’t quite sure what’s happened to him. Hopefully we will see more of him in the coming episodes, as long as the Starks can figure out a way to get him through the wall.

1.Jon Snow LIVES!

…And is now King of the North! After the epic battle of the bastards last week, which left most of us hanging off our seats for a full hour, the Starks are finally back at Winterfell. I knew that Jon was going to live, because it just felt to me that his death was far too soon, he had so much more to do. And when Melissandre brought him back to life- I have to say I screamed at the TV ‘I KNEW IT!’ 


And of course, seeing Melissandre in her true form was a little unsettling.

**BONUS** Tormund and Brienne

We all love a good romance, and some light relief from all the death and destruction. I don’t think I have ever shipped something as much as I do with this pair. The way he looks at her is just so cute! And of course, the fans soon began to remaster romantic posters with these two, and the results are glorious.

All Images are from Game of Thrones Memes on Facebook: See here

Sad Departures

Hodor– As I said above, this was truly a tragic and upsetting death- very possibly the most upsetting death this series. Hold the Door open in Heaven, buddy.

Wun Wun– Not Wun-Wun! This was a sad death for such a great fighter and friend, but it does beg the question, why didn’t he have a shield? Sure a tree trunk would have provided some protection from the endless arrows. And although I hate Ramsey, that last arrow to the eye was probably the kindest thing for Wun Wun.

hodor and wun wun

Rickon Stark– I may have jinxed this, I wanted to see more of little Rikon. I had felt he hadn’t had enough of a storyline yet, and I really did think he had more to come. But alas, Sansa was right. He was much more of a threat to the Crown than either Sansa or Jon- he had to die. But Christ, why didn’t he zig zag?!

zig zag

Tommen the Naive– This was a shock. I expected if anything, for Tommen to perish in the fire along with the Tyrells and the Sparrows… but suicide? I didn’t know he had it in him. I believe he truly loved his wife, and maybe the thought of living without her, and the faith was just too much for him. A sad death for a sweet king. He was a bad leader, but a nice kid.

Margaery, Loras and Mace Tyrell– Well, this was sad and quite frustrating. Margaery isn’t stupid, and she knew something was going on. I don’t believe for a second that she had actually converted to the faith. But, in true Game of Thrones fashion- the possibility of an answer was ripped from us. Will we ever find out whether Margaery’s conversion to the faith was a rues or not? Only Olenna can tell us now.

Doran and Tristain Martell- A quick demise for the Dorne Boys, I had hoped that Doran would execute the sand Snakes and lock Ellaria up, but alas, this was not meant to be. Hopefully with Varys in the equation, the Sand Snakes will actually become useful.

Most Satisfying Deaths

Ramsey Bolton- Taken out in glorious fashion by Sansa Stark, mauled by his own hounds as she looked on with satisfaction. Her finest moment on the series arguably.

Roose Bolton– The first of the villans of the Red Wedding finally go his comeuppance, being killed by his bastard son Ramsey.

Walder Frey– After being fed his own sons in a pie, his throat is slit by Arya Stark as she says something along the lines of: ‘I am Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I want the last thing you ever see to be a Stark smiling down at you as you die’

The Waif– Damn, this character was annoying. But was she even real? Some say that Arya and the Waif are one in the same, you can read about the theory here.

This explains why several stab wounds were healed by a bowl of soup, and also explains why the Waif always seemed to know why Arya was and what she was thinking.

File_002 (1).png

High Sparrow- Jonathon Pryce did a great job as the high sparrow, and seemed to single-handedly bring king’s landing to it’s knees. However, it was time for a change, and his death along with all of his little sparrows was pretty satisfying.

So… to Recap

The Starks are back at Winterfell

File_000 (1).png

Daenerys is coming to Westeros (along with the Greyjoys and Sand Snakes)

daenerys fleet game of thrones

Cersei has the Crown (for now)

Cersei Lannister was crowned Queen of Westeros in season finale of “Game of Thrones.”

What I want to see next Series…

Aegon Targeryan– I know this is probably a long shot now, what with Daenarys heading for Westeros. I had hoped that Varys was on a secret mission to retrieve the lost child, but that was shown not to be the case. I just feel it would be a good twist if another heir showed up on the scene.

Gendry– I think everybody says this at the end of each series, ‘where’s Gendry?’ Is the Baratheon Bastard long gone or is he in fact been in hiding? Since we last saw Davos help him escape from Dragonstone in season 3, has he been in King’s landing? Did he cross the narrow sea? What I would love to see is a reunion between him and Arya Stark. Those two make a great team.

Jaime killing Cersei– Although he loves his sister, I feel like he knows she’s gone too far this time, and inadvertently caused the death of their youngest child. I personally think Jaime will lose his temper. Cersei is mad with power, almost mirroring the Mad King of decades before. Will Jaime have to repeat history, but this time as the Queen Slayer? I hope so.

 Jon and Daenerys Meet– It’s inevitable now, surely. Jon is king of the North, Deanerys is about to take the south. Ice and Fire should finally come together.

Tyrion rides a Dragon-I really want to see this. I love Tyrion, Tryion loves dragons, and some say he is a Targeryan himself, which is why his father hated him so much. It would explain why he used to dream of dragons- as only Targeryans are known to do so. This would be a great character development for him.


What do you all want to see next season? What were your highlights of GOT this year?

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