French Halo Braid

As you know if you’ve seen my #WeekofBraids in March, I love braiding my hair. The thing I struggle with sometimes is coming up with different ideas, and I often end up with a side fishtail braid or a French braid. However, I saw this a few months back on Amber Fillerup’s YouTube Channel and I thought I would share this style with you. Behold, my French Halo Braid!


Simple and summery, this is a really feminine style and goes great with soft curls to frame the face.

1.Part your hair just off centre, don’t worry about being too perfect about this- as long as there is approximately even amount of hair on each side of your head.

h1h22. Take 3 sections at the centre of your head and begin to braid. Complete 2 runs and then start adding in hair from each side.



3. Once you reach your ear, stop adding hair from underneath, only adding hair from the top half of your head. This is known as a lace braid.



4. You’ll reach a point at the back of your head where you can no longer comfortably reach any hair to braid. Simply move your arm and rearrange the 3 strands in your hand until you can continue. This can sometimes be confusing so take your time!



5. Once you have included all of your hair, braid to the end of your hair and tie with an elastic.


6. At this point, begin to pull on your braid gently to thicken it. Once you’ve done this, tuck the end of your hair underneath your halo braid and secure with a bobby pin. Smooth out any bumps and secure with bobby pins. You’re all done!


I hope you found this tutorial useful, if you do try this style, share it on twitter (Imiiix)  or Instagram (gingernut2115) and tag me so I can see!

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19 thoughts on “French Halo Braid

  1. Awesome! I really like braids because it’s so pretty to look at and yet so easy to do, and there’s so many different styles! I love this one, it’s perfect for the summer!

  2. I’ve never succeeded French braid my hair. Your step by step tutorial really helps. I bookmark this post, at the time I want to braid my hair I’ll definitely check your post. Thanks for this tutorial.

  3. Cute indeed. Have you.ever tried .

    1. Center part
    2. Two cornrows(or the inside braid as you did)
    3. Crisscross the braids and pin.😀

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