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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get very excited when I receive beauty sets for my birthday or Christmas. And on that first day of using the new products, I often use every single thing… and then the next day I might only use a couple of the items, until eventually i’m only actually using a body wash.

It’s not that I don’t like the other products, and using lotions on my skin- but often when I get out of the shower, the last thing i want to do is over myself in cream. It makes my hands greasy and I hate the feeling of it, so most of the time when I get a set such as this, I use the wash straight away, and the lotion becomes neglected sitting at the bottom of my drawer- with a host other lotions which have also been forgotten about. I can tell you, I could probably put Superdrug to shame with the amount of creams I have in my bedroom!

Anyway, getting off the subject of neglected beauty products, I recently received this gift set from Sam’s grandparents for my birthday. I was very excited when I saw the bag, I mean, look how pretty it is! And of course any of you who have used Sanctuary will know that their products are such good quality. And when I saw that my favourite body wash was in the set, I was super happy!

So, with this bag the products you get are:

  • Velvety Hand Cream
  • Gentle Polish Body Scrub
  • Burst Body Wash
  • Silky Smooth Body Lotion


Velvety Hand Cream

As I mentioned before, and I know I have mentioned a few times within my 7 months of blogging- I hate greasy hands. The only problem is that my hands are always SO dry and flaky, that I have no choice but to use hand cream. So of course I had to give this one a go. First impressions? It is a little greasy for my taste, but overall it has been pretty good I had a lot of sore patches around my nails, so I have been applying it there every day, and the patches have cleared up- so I’m pretty impressed! If you are willing to live with the greasiness in order to help your hands, then this cream does the trick just fine.


Gentle Polish Body Scrub

I’m really bad at applying body scrubs, because I hate wearing gloves and when I use my hands I just can’t rub it in enough, but for the sake of Sanctuary I have been giving it my best shot.

Luckily, this isn’t too dense a scrub, and there aren’t tonnes of beads. This means it is much gently on the skin, and for me this is great. I have quite strange skin; my face is really oily, my body is normal and my legs are flaky. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, this scrub is really good all-round because of this, and my legs do feel a lot smoother if I use this scrub after shaving.


Burst Body Wash

This is my favourite of the four. Sam actually bought me a set of these with a few different scents for Christmas, and I think I spent the whole of January rotating through the 3 every day until they were all gone. This is some good stuff.

It has little beads in which I am presuming are to massage the skin whilst you wash your body (I may be wrong here). It fizzes up a lot so you don’t need to use a large amount at once. I just love this wash. I love it!


Silky Smooth Body Lotion

Like I said earlier, I’m terrible at using body lotions- however I have been trying my best to stick to using this one- even though I don’t always want that greasiness on my hands. I really do appreciate the benefit of moisturising after a shower, and my skin always feels so smooth after I do- so I am going to try and make this a habit, no more wasting lotion!

This one in particular has that signature Sanctuary scent to it, and applying this to warm skin after a shower does seem to make it soak in quicker, so that’s a plus side.


How pretty is this bag though? The material of this bag is like satin, it just feel so luxury and I love it.


Overall, I really love this set. I think the range of products you get with it just makes for a great pampering routine. I would rate this 2.5/3! (The half only knocked off because the lotions are a little bit greasy)



It’s definitely worth a look! You can buy it (here)


Have you tried this or any of Sanctuary’s Products? What’s your opinion? 












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