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First of all, I want to make it clear that I am in no way an expert nor am I sponsored to review this app, I just enjoy yoga a lot and I wanted to share my opinions!

(I also talked about this in my February Favourites- so go and check that out! >> here <<)

For me, exercise can be a bit of a chore. Which is why when I find a cheap and easy way to do it, I jump at the chance.

This app is a side app of Fit Star Personal Trainer- which is also a really good app to have. But for me, nothing can beat Fit Star Yoga. I have been using this app for over a year now and I can honestly say it is the only app I have ever stuck with for this long. This is a free app, with in app purchases if you want unlimited access. I have a history of being really determined for about a week, and then just giving up on things like this, but I did buy the year’s unlimited yoga (£30) after trialing the free version for around a month. It’s worth it, honestly.

The great thing about this app is that you can still have a pretty good experience without buying anything- unlike a lot of other similar apps which really limit what you can do. The only differences are that you only get access to one tailored session a week and a handful of freestyle sessions which you can use an unlimited amount of times. So if you are only going to be doing yoga once or twice a week anyway- it will probably suit you.

The navigation on the app is simple; firstly you create an account or log in with Facebook- and then you can complete a session as a test of your fitness level.

(That red line in the top corner is because I haven’t done a session in a week! Forgive me! )

There are three rankings: Too Hard- Just Right- Too Easy. Once you have completed the starter session you can rank each pose according to what you struggled with, and the next session they give you will be tailored to your personal needs. The same process is used in the Personal Trainer app too.

If you do love the app enough to buy premium (£30 for a year)- I worked out that if you do 2 sessions a week, each session actually only costs you 28p! Which I reckon is much better than going to a class at your local gym and feeling awkward for an hour in front of very flexible people.

They also have a host of Freestyle sessions- meaning that if you don’t want to do the full session which has been picked for you, you can browse a selection of different sessions and choose which one you think will do you the mos benefit at any one time 🙂

This is an example of the pose list that you can look at before choosing a session, and if you are unsure how to do a pose, have a look at the instructor demonstrating it for you!

Another good thing about Fit Star is that they offer challenges to get you more involved and motivated. For example, they recently did a New Year’s challenge- which if you completed 20 sessions in January, you’d be entered into a prize draw to win things like a fitbit, gym clothes and even a year’s free membership!

Little incentives like this definitely help you to be more motivated!


Try it for yourself and let me know what you think of it! Their website is >> here <<

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11 thoughts on “FitStar Yoga: Yoga at Home

  1. Girl, you are just like me – I’ll get super motivated and stick to something….and then slowly just fizzle out and stop. I love the idea of yoga, and I went to a few classes in the fall, and then just stopped. I’ll use random yoga videos I find on youtube, but that can get overwhelming, so this sounds great!

    xx Lauren

    1. I was exactly the same! I started watching some videos on YouTube but then the poses started to get far too difficult and I couldn’t cope haha, so I just looked for an app and this one came up, it’s the best thing i’ve ever downloaded for fitness. I actually do use it every week!

  2. Well worth a try. I do yoga at home but with the app, you can monitor your session and know exactly how many calories you’re burning. Thanks!

  3. This looks pretty cool, I’ve never done Yoga because it’s not a big thing where I live. But with this app I can try it out at home. So cool! Thanks

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