Best Beach Waves- Heatless

Beach waves are really the hairstyle everyone thinks about in the summer time. That effortless, slightly messy and textured look is just perfect for the seaside. There are so many different ways that people have tried in order to get the perfect beach waves, and I think I have managed to combine a few different techniques to get THE BEST Beach Waves (in my opinion!)

So, behold my HEATLESS Beach Waves!


In my opinion, using heat on your hair is something to avoid at all costs, which is why I’m always trying to find ways around it. Have you seen my Heatless Curls: 3 Ways yet?

Here I am using 2 different braiding techniques in order to create more texture in the hair, but don’t worry I will talk through it all step by step.

1.Wash your hair in cool water (as cool as you can handle), and let it air dry until about 60-70% dry. You don’t want your hair soaking wet for this as the braids are quite tight and your hair won’t dry properly.

2. Section your hair into 2 pieces, going diagonally down the back of you head. The reason I’m not doing it straight down is because when you take the braids out, if the hair has been parting straight down your hair automatically separates at the back. Using a diagonal part means that the hair will fall over each other and create a even covering at the back of your head.



3. Starting from the front of your head, begin to french braid your hair.If you don’t know how to do this, essentially split your hair into 3, place the side sections over the middle (as you would with a regular braid). Before you repeat the step, simply add in a little bit of hair to each side and then place over the middle. Keep doing this until you have no hair left to add.



4. At this stage we are changing things up a bit. Instead of just continuing with a regular braid, we are changing over to a fishtail braid. So, split your hair into 2 pieces. Take a small piece from the outside of one of the pieces, and cross it over your first piece, bringing it into the second piece. Do the same with the second piece- adding a small part into piece 1. Continue this a little way down your head until you feel you need to pull your hair over your shoulder.



5. At this point, split the hair in 3 and braid normally for another third of the way. (Sorry this is so complicated!)

6. Switch back to a fishtail for another third, then back to a regular braid for the last part. Tie with an elastic. Repeat for the other side. *Although it sounds like this will take forever, the whole thing only took me 30 minutes πŸ™‚



7. Sleep in the braids overnight and even wear in the daytime if you want!



8. Take the braids out carefully, being gentle so you don’t separate the waves too much. Once you’ve let your waves down, spray on a little Sea Salt Spray for Texture. You can either buy this or make it at home, I used my Texturising Sea Salt Spray.




And there you have it! Simple, Volumous and Heatless Beachy  Waves to get you through those summer days.

What’s your go-to Summer Hairstyle?

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10 thoughts on “Best Beach Waves- Heatless

  1. Wow, these braids look so nice! And the curls they give, wow!
    My hair is super thin so everything I do to it lasts for about 5 mins, then it goes back to being straight.
    Props to you for having the patience to style your hair! πŸ™‚

  2. They really are heartless! You have such a beautiful and long hair. Is this you natural color? I was ginger once, but my hair was short. Never the less, your steps are great and well explained, I couldn’t agree more about avoiding heat, but I do use irons and stylers, unfortunately.

    1. It is my natural colour! It used to be a lot brighter but it has darkened over the years πŸ™‚ I do occasionally use heat but I try my best to avoid it and find other ways πŸ™‚

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