Perfect Beachy Nails 

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I am smitten with these nails, they just scream summer. And although here in Manchester we haven’t had much of a summer, I still wanted to get into the spirit of it all. Me and Sam have finally booked ourselves a holiday in the Lake District! We go on the 20th August and I cannot wait!

I will be posting a few holiday posts in the run up so don’t miss those!

Anyway… if you want to know how I got this look, read on…

What you’ll need:


1.First of all, paint your nails with the blue and sand colour- applying 2 thin coats.


2. Apply a small amount of Starfish to a sponge, and dab this over the cuticle end of your nail bed. This will create an ‘Ombre’ effect, and counts for the sand of your beach. It will get messy but don’t worry!


3. Once this has dried, take your clingfilm and crunch it up into a ball. We want to create ridges here that will add texture to the water on our nails. Once there’s a good covering, gently dab the clingfilm onto your nails, creating a marble effect over the nails.


4. Take your glitter and paint over the sand colour of each nail, including the whole surface of the ring finger.


5. Now it’s time for embellishments. Firstly paint a layer of top coat onto each nail, and working quickly, place the starfish and shells onto your nails. Paint over another layer of top coat and you’re done! Clean up the edges of your nails with the nail polish remover and enjoy!

beach nails 1beach nails 2beach nails 3




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  1. That’s really awesome! This is what I love about the summer, people are so creative with their nail art. This is by far one of the most adorable I’ve seen!

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