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Good ol’ Primarni is the store that gets most teenage girls through high school. I used to go with my friends for a whole day out when we were 13-14, because Primark in Manchester is such a massive shop that it takes a long time to walk through!

It’s a wonderland of low prices and huge variety, and pretty much every time I visit I come back with a few new outfits. So, I went 2 weeks ago with Sam and picked up a few things and I thought I would share them with you today!


Pyjama Bottoms: £6


Recently I have been loving cuffed bottoms, and I bought a pair of Pyjama bottoms from here a few months ago- they are actually in my February Favourites if you want to take a look. Since then I have been desperate for another pair, and I finally managed to get myself some. They are so cute! I just wish I had gotten the matching tee!


Textured Skirt: £9

Spent so far: £15

I work in an office during the week, and for a while I have needed a smarter skirt to add to my wardrobe. I picked this up because I already have a black skirt- and I am in love with this! I have paired this with a lilac blouse I have at home- sorry about the creases- it hasn’t been ironed it a while! This is actually my mum’s blouse, but I love it!



Stripe Ribbed Tee: £3

Spent so far: £18

Stripes are definitely in at the moment, and they are everywhere in the shops. I’m not usually a fan of horizontal stripes because I feel they can make you look bigger- but because this tee is also ribbed- it just looks super cute and stylish 🙂


Nude Sandals: £4             Tan Dolly Shoes: £5

Spent so far: £27

I’m not a shoe lover, so I don’t have much to say on these- other than they are really pretty and very comfy!


Lace Bra and Thong: £4

Spent so far: £31

I love Ann Summers for bras, but sometimes I just need an every day bra which is great value and does last for a long time considering the price. This is just delicate, lacy and feminine. Perfect.


Dark Blue Skinny Jeans: £7

Spent so far: £38

Jeans are a staple in most people’s wardrobe, and Primark really does offer great value ones which are comfy and stylish.


Cotton Pads: 50p

Spent so far: £38.50

We all need cotton pads!


Total Spend: £38.50

Items Bought: 8

*Bonus Finds*

New Look Petite Camo Joggers : £12.99


Asos Petite Bardot Top: £12


That’s it for my clothing haul, which is your favourite piece?


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