July Favourites 

If you have already read my Essential Tomato Sauce post, then you’ll know that I’ve had a bit of crisis over the past week here at Ginger Fox.

Although it’s not all fine and dandy quite yet, I am feeling a lot better about the whole thing now. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about- basically what happened was on my WordPress I had too many photos in storage, so I cleared out a lot of them to make space. What I didn’t know was that by doing that I lost the photos from my blog posts. The drama! I wasn’t a happy bunny when I realised what had happened, I actually did tear up a little bit. It’s pretty disheartening when you spend months on something you love and in a few minutes, half of your work is gone. Anyway, I have been working the past few days to amend this and I am getting back on track pretty well now. When life give you lemons…


…Turn them into a pretty picture!


I usually post my Favourites on the first Friday of each month- and as you can tell, it’s not Friday. So, although it’s a little late, I can finally share with you my favourite things in the month of July.


Happiness Planner 

I have wanted this planner since last December, and I decided in July to get myself the July-June Planner. This actually works out better for me because I’m useless at New Years Resolutions- the summer is much more productive for me.

I go this in Pink and Gold- after much deliberation. I actually don’t like Pink, but for some reason I just couldn’t resist it! It’s beautiful, big and pretty much every stationary lover’s dream.

This is essentially a motivational diary, which encourages people to think of the positives in life and be happy every day. It was coined by Mo Seetubtim, who is a huge advocate for self-love and personal development. Each day she invites you to think of one thing you are happy about, what you are excited for and what you plan to achieve. For an organisation freak like me, this is just amazing.

I will be doing a full review for this so I will leave it here for now.


The 4 Hour Workweek

The title of this book is enough to make you wide eyed with anticipation. This book is written by Tim Ferriss, who overcame years of failures and hard jobs- to get himself in a successful position where he earns more money from spending less time working.

It’s all about time management, taking the leap and getting your business hat on. I will be doing a full review on this in a few weeks because this is honestly a fascinating book to read if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or free spirit.


Simple Night Cream

I love Simple. I will be doing a post on my full skincare soon, which features a few of their products. For those of us with sensitive skin, simple is the bees knees. If you find yourself breaking out with your current skincare, try switching it out for Simple, because they don’t use harmful ingredients like other brands do, and the skincare isn’t fragranced either.

I use this cream every night, and every morning I wake up with soft skin. I just love it! I would recommend this to anybody who wants a great night cream but doesn’t have the budget for higher end brands, this is really good value for money.


NSpa Flash Serum

I actually only bought this a week ago but I love it already! I tried to get this back in December but they had none in stock, and the thought occurred to me last week that I was in desperate need for a serum for my eyes. If any of you have tried Nspa products before, you’ll know that they are honestly so great and they feel more luxury than normal branded creams. I use this every night after my shower and it honestly gives such a nice glow to the face. I have also started mixing this with my foundation in the mornings, and it just helps the foundation to really spread well and gives it a dewy look.

I would absolutely recommend this as both a great serum as well as a primer!


E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion

My legs are ridiculously dry compared to the rest of my body, I have no idea why. But they are also very sensitive so I can’t use creams with fragrances or body butters on them because they flare up in a rash immediately. So, this is my holy grail. I use this every time I get out of the shower, whilst my skin is still warm. It soaks in quickly and is deeply moisturising.



Pink: Wickford and Co Blossoms and Summer Flowers

Green: Better Homes Jamaican Coconut Fizz

My lovely friends got me these candles for my birthday, and I love them.

I know that summer isn’t usually a time of year associated with candles, but I just love to have that fragrance travelling around the house all year round, and there are tonnes of really great, fresh candle scents out there just for this reason.


Aussie Miracle Recharge Take the Heat

I never use heat on my hair unless I have first used a heat protection spray, as I explained fully in my 10 Steps to Healthy Hair post a while back. I love Aussie hair care, it is so nourishing and smells amazing. This spray is no exception. I use this before applying heat to my hair and it has reduced the amount of dryness in my ends that I get when I straighten my hair. A must have in my opinion!


As we were photographing this post, I realised that  haven’t shared our garden with you for so log, and at this time of the year it looks amazing! So, here are a few photos from around our garden at the moment! (All credit for the garden goes to my mum)

One of my favourite plants of all time is the Buddleia, and we have 4 different types in our garden!

Mum added some Nasturtium to the hanging baskets around our garden room to see what would happen… and they’ve taken over! Have you ever read the secret garden? That’s what it feels like in there at the moment!


And as always, I couldn’t complete my Favourites post without a shout out to my very helpful photographer- Sam 🙂

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  1. Oh you poor thing, losing your photos like that must have been a nightmare, glad you are on track to sorting it out. I adore the pink happiness planner, I want one just like that! And the candles look great.

  2. I love sticking to a schedule and making lists! Which is why I really like that planner that you have! The pages are very detailed.

  3. It’s very hard to lose photos!
    …actually, I was looking for this book this morning! What a coincidence!? 😉 I need to have this book! ;-))))

  4. That must really hurt to loose photos! Your flower photos are so beautiful. I would definitely read that book and I wish the planner was blue 😉 !

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