Terrapin Play Time 

The countdown to my holiday continues (4 days to go), and it’s getting colder and colder by the day. It seems that we are waving goodbye to a very fleeting summer here in Britain and making way for raincoats, wellies and hot chocolates by the fire. Although I do love Summer, and I am kind of bummed that I haven’t really experienced much of one this year- I do love Autumn.

As I sit here clutching a hot cup of green tea, I think about how many great things I have planned for my holiday, and for the cold season ahead. I bake a lot in the colder months, and this is the time where pasta bakes, soups and roasts are my specialty. I may even show you how I make my own candles!

So, back to the present- as it’s getting colder now out terrapins can no longer run around in the garden. They are cold blooded, so they can’t keep themselves warm, so we put the radiators on and let them walk around in the dining room.


As you’ll know if you saw my BBQ and Terrapin Play Time post: June is an adventurer. If you walk into a room, she will climb on you. If she’s in the garden, she will go straight for the pond, or any of our feet.

And Pancake is the lazy girl, the moment you let her out she will either sit under the radiator or in a flowerbed…


Here are a selection of photos of my (not so) little babies having a walk out they other day…

You can almost see the exact point here where June decides that she’s going to come and sit on my lap…




And again a little later…


I managed to get Pancake to begrudgingly sit on me for a while too, but I’m not sure she’s quite as found of it as June. But I’m sure I offered quite a nice personal heater for her!

And again like I said, June always heads straight for the feet…

The girls love coming out for a walk, because they know that afterwards they always get some prawns to eat as a treat!


Have you got any pets other than cats or dogs? 


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