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First of all, I just have to say that Sam didn’t do the photos for this month’s favourites, so they aren’t going to be quite as awesome as usual!

I have to say, trying to take these photos whilst standing on my telephone table was a challenge, but I’m pretty satisfied with how they’ve turned out.

This month there is definitely a more beauty- orientated theme going on, this wasn’t intentional, that’s just how it’s worked out, anyway let’s get down to business…

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Listerine Advanced Defense Gum Treatment


I am one of those people who is a little obsessive over my oral hygiene, which is why it really annoys me when my gums bleed for no reason. I could understand if I ate tonnes of sugar, never flossed, or brushed my teeth to hard… but I don’t. Sam and I decided to try this whilst we were away along with Sensodyne toothpaste to see if it made any difference to our oral health, and my god has this worked. This is by no means a lovely minty tasting mouthwash, but instead it is a powerful gum treatment that makes you feel as clean as a whistle after using it. I love it. There’s nothing worse than having a grimy mouth, and this treatment helps to prevent that. It’s refreshing, doesn’t burn the mouth too much and it has really made a difference to me. I would recommend this to anyone.



Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner


This eyeliner has been my ride-or-die since I was 14, and it remains the only one I will reach for on a day to day basis. Collection is one of my favourite drugstore brands and they are such great products for pennies. Collection was my first makeup love, I used to use their whole range for school, and it has only been in the last 4 years or so that I have really started exploring different brands. Collection is just the best.

Back to this eyeliner, the colour of this is just the perfect black. It’s completely matte, there is no charcoal undertone to it, it’s pure black. I am terrible at drawing wings on my eyes, but the brush that comes in this bottle is super thin, and honestly, even I can draw a wing with this! I just ADORE this eyeliner!

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener


I did want to show you a before and after of my nails with this strengthener, but unfortunately the week before last I was working in our companies shop, building shelves and loading wallpaper etc… it’s safe to say that my nails chipped, so I had to trim them down to the bare bone. This isn’t a reflection on the strengthener, because before that I was really happy with how they were growing, but alas my nails are like paper.

Anyway, I actually won this in a giveaway by the lovely Lucy Dorling <— check her out!

Like I said before, this strengthener actually did work great for me, and my nails seemed to be growing a little quicker than normal too so that’s a bonus. I will try and start again with this and show you my progress!


Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Tinted Eyelash Primer


I love this product. I have a fair complexion, and sometimes I think that black mascara can look a little harsh against my skin. That doesn’t stop me from wearing it though, but sometimes I feel like I want something which is a little more natural and soft on my hazel eyes… which is where this fits in perfectly.

I know that this is a primer, and I do use this almost everyday to smooth out my lashes before I apply mascara, but there are some days where I use this and leave it at that. I love it. The shade of this is a neutral- warm brown, and it really does give a lift to brown and hazel eyes. I used it in my Summer Glow Makeup underneath my mascara, but I will show you what it looks like on it’s own too…


As you can see it doesn’t give  full, voluminous look like regular mascara, but I think it’s perfect for those dress down days or even when you are travelling.


Barry M Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette


When I was on my lunch break at work and came across this palette in Superdrug: I just couldn’t help myself. The mixture of rose, bronze and smokey tones just make this the ultimate natural palette, and I love it. I have never tried Barry M eye shadows before, but as you know they are one of my favourite brands so I couldn’t wait to see how they were. They are honestly beautiful, creamy, blendable and the shimmer catches the light amazingly. I will be doing a full review on this palette along with a daytime and nighttime look, so keep an eye out!


Herbal Essences- Ignite my Colour


I know what you are thinking… ‘I thought your hair was natural!’… It is! But I swear by using colour protect shampoos, because they are made specifically to stop colour fading, and one thing us Redheads have a lot of is colour. I have talked about this previously in my February Favourites where I was using the Tresemme Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner, after Sam pointed it out to me.

I have always been against using colour protecting shampoo on my hair because I thought it would ruin my natural colour, stupid I know. But since February I haven’t looked back,and i’m so happy with my hair colour these past few months!

This stuff isn’t only great for my red hair but it also smells AMAZING. A mix of rose and passion fruit which is just sooooooo good, it makes me feel like the women in the adverts. (If you haven’t seen a herbal essences advert before, this is what I mean)

In short, this stuff is great.

New Look Petite Green Camo Joggers


I have already talked about these as a Bonus Find in my Primark Haul , but I just have to say again that I love these joggers so much. They are comfy, figure hugging (but not too tight) and practical. You could wear them for every day or even up a mountain:


Seriously, great pants!


How cool is this Puma Ornament?


 That’s everything for my August favourites, what things have you been loving this month?

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  1. The photos look great! I Love reading reviews on beauty products, and yours seem very interesting . I need to give the eyeliner a try, sounds so good! 🙂 Beautiful post.

  2. The Puma Ornament looks very cool! You have chosen some interesting products for August. That shampoo looks divine, I love the colour and if it smells of roses that is a win for me.

  3. I may have to give that Listerine a shot too. I need to keep my gums in good shape, especially now that I have braces and my teeth are moving.

  4. Loved your August favourites! Even I’m also little obsessed when it comes to my oral hygiene. I hate bad breath and can’t live a single day with using Listerine!

  5. I love all your photos and that mascara looks great on you. The eyeshadow colors are pretty as well.

  6. great picks and usual favourites for any lady if you ask me, well my girl friend will be glad when she returns and reads this. hopefully a few of these can be gottten onoline too.

  7. I think this is an awesome list of products! I really like that palette and the eyeliner as well. It’s always nice to have reliable products like these!

  8. Where has the time gone! September is really here. Loving your picks for August though, I’ve been using Herbal Essences for quite some time, they have really good smelling shampoos and conditioners and they’ve been working well on my hair!

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