Ferraro Rocher Milkshake

A few years ago on a very rainy Manchester afternoon, I finished up at University at 12pm and met my friends for some shopping and food. We got the bus to Piccadilly Gardens and walked over to Manchester Arndale with the intention of grabbing some food. when we came across a milkshake place called ‘Shake Away’, and being the nosy girls we were, we had to take a look inside. They made milkshakes in every possible combination, with any chocolate bar, fruit and nut you can think of. I chose the affectionately named ‘Dave’, which was a ferraro rocher and bueno milkshake. Let’s just say I have been smitten ever since.

Unfortunately the place closed down and I was deprived for a couple of years, until the other week when Sam and I ventured to the Trafford Centre and found a new milkshake store which was offering a similar range of shakes. I picked up the Ferraro Rocher one and WOW.

Anyway, that’s what lead me to make this:

Behold my 3 ingredient Ferraro Rocher Milkshake! Complete with the cutest Owl Mason Jars from Home Bargains.




Ferraro Rocher Milkshake

Serves:2           Prep Time: 5 minutes


  • 8 scoops of Vanilla Ice cream
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 8 Ferraro Rochers


1. Into a blender, add in your Ice Cream, Milk and 6 Ferraro Rochers.

2. Blend until smooth, add more milk if necessary. Pour into glasses and top with a crushed Ferraro Rocher. Enjoy!

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