Barry M- Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette Review


Today I want to talk to you about this beauty- the Barry M Super Natural Palette. This is an exclusive to Superdrug. Costing only Β£6.49, this is a great addition to my eye collection, because it features some beautiful, shimmery pinks. I did briefly talk about this in my August Favourites, if you want to see what else I loved last month, take a look over there! (shameless plug, I know. A girl’s gotta try!)


First Impressions

It’s no Secret that I love Barry M nail polish, it’s my holy grail. I would be shocked if any other brand impressed me more than dear Barry. However, I have never strayed much further into the brand than nails, and I spotted this palette in Superdrug last month, and I was sold even before I saw the colours inside the palette. The packaging is so cute and feminine, and the magnet close is really strong for a drugstore brand. A win win right off the bat for me.

The mirror in this palette is actually pretty good for an eye shadow palette, and I even noticed a few stray eyebrow hairs while I was looking into it (thank you, mirror).

What caught my attention the most was the light pink, second in on the left.It’s hard to do this colour justice with just a photograph, but the shimmer on this colour in particular is immense. This is the perfect inner corner highlight shade, and I have used it a few times now, and it really does brighten up the eyes.



I tried my absolute best to get a good swatch of the first 4, but alas, my lighting just wasn’t good enough. Either way, they are very subtle colours anyway.

You can see with the bottom 4 that there is definitely a difference in the theme of the palette as you travel further right. How I see it, is that it’s almost like an all-round palette, with capabilities of a wearable look in the day, and a smoky one at night.



As I did for my last eye palette review: Wild and Alluring Palette Review , I am going to show you a couple of looks you can create with this palette. And since the colours here are very much light and dark, I have decided to show you a daytime look which can be transformed into a nighttime look by making a few small changes.

Daytime Look:

For this wearable daytime look, I will be focusing on the left hand side of the palette.


  1. First of all I ma going to prime my eyes with MUA Pro Base Eye Primer.


2. Next up I am using the lightest shade and covering my whole lid, this will act as a great base for blending the rest of the shades.


3. Now I am taking the matte pink and covering my lower lid.


4. This step is optional, but to add a little extra crease definition, I am using the brown colour third in from the right in my outer corner.


5. I am taking the darker pink and coating the outer half of my lid, and then the lighter pink will go on the inner half.


6. I am simply going to apply a little bit of my No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara, and that’s it!


To finish off this feminine, natural look- I am applying Barry M Lip Boss in the colour Let’s Touch Base. This smells like strawberries. Every time I wear this I have to stop myself from licking my lips!



Nighttime Look:

Transforming this to a Nighttime look is simple, and we only need the grey and black in the palette to achieve a sexy, smoky eye.


  1. First up I am taking the charcoal grey colour and blending it into the outer crease.


2. Then I am taking this stunning shimmery black, and layering it over the grey, concentrating more on the outer V to really bring depth to the eye. I am also taking this colour and applying it underneath my lower lash line, smoking it out with a thin brush as I go.


At this point you could just apply some mascara and be good to go, but I decided to take this a few steps further and I am applying Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter Lashes to dial up the drama.


To finish off this look, I am applying my new favourite lipstick- No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Soft Paprika.



*BEAUTY TIP* if you want a matte lip but don’t have one in the right colour- press a little translucent powder on top of your lipstick to create a matte effect.



I really like this palette. The pigment isn’t the brightest I have seen, but with this I think that’s a good thing. It’s a natural themed palette, and every single one of these shades is wearable every day in some capacity.

Overall, I want to award this palette 2.5/3- only dropping half due to a little fallout.


I would absolutely recommend this palette to those with any skin tone, especially my fair skinned friends out there!


What do you think of this palette? 





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23 thoughts on “Barry M- Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. The pinks really suit your skin and hair tones. I prefer the pink lips to the red though πŸ™‚ I also used to religiously only use Barry M nail varnishes, I now also use Kiko and find them just as good.

  2. It’s definitely natural, perfect for everyday wear especially if you need to wear make up at work. I love the colors, and I like that there are four other shades to update your look for night outs!

  3. Absolutely beautiful shades! They are so natural and that palette is perfect for both day and night make up. Thanks for showing how you apply the colours and that you really use that base – I’m so bad with all those detals.

  4. I found your blog on Barry M super natural pallette and because of your tutorial and going into the beauty of it, I searched and ordered it. I’ll go through your strep by step while building the eyeshadow application.
    I must thank you and tell you you looked just beautiful.
    Also, thank you for the matte lipstick tip !
    Blessings Always,

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