Easy Halloween Ghost Nails

It’s Halloween!

The streets are full of witches, vampires and ghosts of all shapes and sizes. I’m gutted because I didn’t manage to get a pumpkin this year, and because I’ve been so busy I haven’t managed to get much up on here for you guys for Halloween. So, I know it’s a bit late now, but I want to share this super easy Halloween nail look which will only take you 30 minutes to do!

My plan for tonight is to snuggle up in front of the sofa with a whole lot of chocolate and watch my favourite Halloween Movie- Nightmare Before Christmas. I know there can ┬ábe a bit of a debate on whether it’s a Halloween or a Christmas movie, but for me it is the ultimate halloween movie. I’m also going to watch Hocus Pocus for the first time ever! I know, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it either.

Anyway, enough talk- let’s get to it.


What You’ll Need:

  • Matte Black Nail Polish
  • Matte White Nail Polish
  • Green Nail Polish
  • Orange Nail Polish


  1. Paint 2 thin coats of matte Black onto your nails.
  2. On each nail, paint 2 white eyes- you can vary the position, size and shape if you like.
  3. Onto 3 of your fingers, paint the green and orange over the white- be sure to leave a thin white outline. I personally think it just makes it look more cartoon-y
  4. Add the pupils to your eyes. Finished!

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