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Yes, I had to stand on my chair to get this photo.


Happy Monday guys!


I don’t know about you, but I have had a super hectic weekend. Sam and I have moved into his parents house while we save up for a house (hopefully in the next 6 months), and we were up until 11:30 last night cleaning and tidying through everything. It’s safe to say that this morning I am very tired. Also, I came into work this morning at 8:10am only to realise I have no butter in the fridge, so I had to have dry toast and beans for breakfast.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about today is my desk. I know it’s not my personal work space, however it is where I spend around 70% of my time in the week, so of course I had to try and make it my own. I am also hoping that me showing you what I have on my desk might help you think of things you are missing on your own.

The Boring Stuff


Of course, with any work space, you’ll be given a certain amount of company stationery and equipment. Often folders will be dull and black, and you’ll have to use your own initiative if you want to inject some colour. Luckily for me, I had the choice of a few colours for my folders so I chose the 2 brightest ones- of course!

Light It Up

I am a huge stationery hoarder, and I found that the best way to brighten up my dreary desk was to invest in some colourful files and notebooks:


These plastic files have been a lifesaver for me, saving me from having piles and piles of paper everywhere. They come in a 12 pack from amazon, and honestly, they are totally worth it. You can buy them here

As for these cute little notepads, I use these for all the different ideas I have throughout the week. (I’m a scatter brain), but they also just look so pretty on my desk! I bought these ones from Tesco.

Write your own Story

Anyone who knows me will know that my biggest obsession is pens. I can’t get enough of them. Ballpoints, fountain, fine liners… you name it, I’ve got it. However I do have a number of pens which are essential to me at work, and that I use every day.


First up, Zebra ballpoint pens. Oh my goodness. These are the BEST ballpoint pens ever, in my opinion, and I have used these religiously since high school. They are so affordable, and they last forever. You can buy them on Amazon or in most shops.

Next, METALLIC SHARPIES. Need I say more? Didn’t think so… you can buy them here.

I also have a couple of pens from work and my trusty Pudsey pen from Children in Need.

Another set of pens I cannot live without is Staedler Triplus Colour Fibre TipsFile_000 (3).jpeg

For me, colour is a huge part of being able to concentrate. Show me a black, white and grey page and the information just won’t go in. I need contrast, colour coding and light.


Hands On


Office work isn’t a particularly manual job, however there is one part of your body which does a lot of work… your hands. For me, I have found that having some cheap manicure essentials in my drawer has helped me to maintain my hands much better than if i waited until getting home at night. If i ever crack a nail, I cut it off and file it down, if my hands are dry- I hydrate them, and if I get a pesky wick- I can clip it off. It saves me a ton of grief and fiddling. You can see where I bought all of my things below:

Save the Date


A diary is an absolute must have in any job, and even if you think you won’t use it, you’d be surprised how much it comes in handy. I use mine everyday to write down what I need to do, plan things ahead of time and even just jot down random thoughts I have during that day. Diaries are a great tool, and I definitely recommend investing in one.

Household Items


If you have an office kitchen, you’ll know how annoying it can be to come on your lunch and there’s no bowls, plates or cutlery anywhere to be found. Which is why I would day to anyone, bring your own. All you need is a fork, knife, spoon, bowl and a mug. They are super cheap to buy and you can keep them at your desk so they don’t go missing. Easy Peasy!

Wake me Up


You may think bringing vitamin into work is a step too far, but honestly, I haven’t been sick anywhere near as much since I started taking vitamin with my morning brew. Whether you just go for the classic multi-vitamins or spice it up like I have, any extra help you can get in the morning is a bonus!

Tea is life. Well, not regular tea, but herbal is my everything. Green Tea is my absolute must have in the mornings, and it’s often the only thing which gets me ready for the day. I also have A LOT of random tea hanging around, including a morning tea and this Raspberry Tea by Heath and Heather (the best berry tea ever).


And for when I am on my detoxes, this cute infuser from Teagime is perfect

Foodie Extras


I always like to keep a few extra bits on me for when I am having food during the day so I don’t have to go all the way to the shop. In the morning, if a ever bring in some oats to make porridge, I always add a generous squeeze of honey to curb my sugar craving.

Hot Chocolate is one of those winter things which I absolutely love to have when it’s cold outside. It’s warming, sweet and yummy!

Salt and Vinegar are essential. You can’t have chips without them.

Staying Warm


I cannot even express how much this hot water bottle has saved my arse over the past few weeks. It has been arctic here in Manchester, and having this bad boy on my lap is my saviour. I got it from Superdrug.

Keeping Clean


Work places can get pretty dirty, so I always like to keep hand sanitiser on my desk for those moments where my hands need a good clean.

Emergency Chocolate


I always keep chocolate in my drawer for those times where I’m tired, irritable or just a little bit peckish. At the moment I have this Kinder Bueno (my favourite chocolate). Chocolate contains Serotonin- which is a hormone that fights depression, in other words chocolate puts you in a good mood. Win win, I’d say.

Image result for chocolate happy meme

Image here

And finally…


Happy little yellow men, because yes, you may be at work, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy yourself!

What have you got on your desk? 

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