Autumn Copper Makeup


It’s nearly winter…. nooooo!

I’m not ready for Autumn to be over yet, it has to be my FAVOURITE season of the year, but it always seems to go by way too quickly. I’m still in the zone of falling leaves, tartan scarves and scented candles. Anyway, because it’s nearly the end of this glorious redhead season, I thought I would leave you with a makeup tutorial!

On another quick note, I just bought the Zoella Secret Scenta set from Superdrug, and she has a spritz in there called ‘Bake My Day’. It’s literally like pouring Gingerbread Biscuits on yourself, and I am totally obsessed.

Today I am going to show you how to create this rich copper eye shadow look which just screams Autumn. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Clean your face, before applying foundation, take some scotch tape, and very delicately place it onto the corner of your eyelid- stretching from the outer corner of your eye up to the edge of your eyebrow. This will help a lot when applying your shadow, because we will be using very bright colours for this look. Once it’s on I am using MUA Pro Base Eye Primer and applying it all over my lids, making sure to cover the sides of my nose too.
  2. Once that’s rubbed in, I am taking my Ashley Tisdale Illuminate Beach Goddess Palette, and using the lightest shade to cover the whole lid.


3. Next up I’m taking this bright red tone from the Beauty UK Eyeshadow and Eyliner Palette- Amazon and applying it to my lower lid on the out half. Then I’m taking the medium brown from the Ashley Tisdale palette and working that into my outer corner.

*apologies for the state of this palette, I’ve used it a lot!* 


4. Next up, you guessed it, Wild and Alluring. I swear I’m like a walking advert for this palette, but can you blame me? Anyway I am taking the copper and purple shade from here and applying to to the inner half of my lower lid. Once this is applied, I will keep going over the other colours until I reach the right pigmentation, and work some of that brown into the crease. I’m then just taking a little of the lightest shade from the Carli Bybel Palette and using this to highlight my brow bone.


5. After carefully removing the scotch tape and wiping away any fallout with a cleansing wipe, I am going to complete my usual foundation routine. For this I am priming my face with my Loreal Paris Infallible Primer, using my No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Calico, and then Concealing with my Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser. I then set the entire face with No7 Stay Perfect Translucent Powder.


6. Now, taking that highlight shade by Carli Bybel again, I am highlighting my cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow.


7. I am now using No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara, and then applying the Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in the shade Birthday Suit. If you have fair skin like me and struggle finding a good nude shade which isn’t to yellow- toned, this one is definitely worth a shot.


And that’s all there is too it! A simple, dramatic and colourful look which is perfect for the colder months. Have you got a go-to makeup look you love to wear at this time of year?


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8 thoughts on “Autumn Copper Makeup

  1. Oh wow! The copper tones are gorgeous. My eyelids are still reeling from the thought of selo tape on them, it is an excellent tip though.

  2. I love the autumn look, it sort of reminds me of Katniss during the Hunger Games! I think it’s really nice and it’s perfect for the season!

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