Getting Festive in the Office

file_001-2It’s the Start of December!

And let’s just say my twitter feed has received a hammering this morning…


I would say sorry, but it’s nearly Christmas now, so anything goes! I am currently sitting in the office listening to Christmas music, in my Christmas jumper and thinking about what Christmas content I’m going to write this year. It’s safe to say I’m say I’m a bit over excited!

Anyway, because I’m not the only Christmas- mad person in our office, our mission today is to get FESTIVE. So of course, the first thing we did today was get out our decorations from last year so we could gauge what we have, and what we need buy. You will notice that even at the end when the decorations are up, there’s still a lot of mess, but we are working on it!

To start with, we had:

  • A 5 ft Christmas Tree
  • 2 sets of coloured LEDs
  • silver baubles and decorations
  • silver tinsels
  • Grey Stars (from a promo we did last year)
  • A ‘Merry Xmas’ sign
  • An 8 ft Snowflake Garland
  • Gold baubles stapled to a rope (seriously)


Once we knew what we had, we just needed to wait until lunch time so we could go out and get anything we were missing.We ventured out on our lunch hour to Home Bargains and this is what we picked up:

An adorable Christmas sign- costing £1.59


An Inflatable Santa and Snowman- costing £2.99 each


Now for the Fun Part

We of course began with the tree, because that was the biggest task we had on our hands. We used a set of coloured lights, silver tinsel and silver decorations, topped off with a pretty silver star.


This cute little snowman, who for some reason has 3 staples in his face:


Next up, we decided to surround our noticeboards with lights:


Once all that was done, we began to hang up everything else we had in the room, including a huge amount of those grey stars leftover from last year.



And of course we had to add something to both of the doors leading to the office:




And that’s all we’ve done so far, I’m sure over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a few more festive touches to the room. Do you decorated your work spaces? If so, I’d love to see! Just tag me on Twitter @Imiiix

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