Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Review

Today I want to share with you the Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Palette.

I recently won this palette in a giveaway held by Little Things with Jassy. So first of all I just want to say thank you so much!

When I received this palette, I never expected the colours to be as stunning as they are. It’s hard to capture how beautiful the pigments really are, but I hope my photos will give you a good idea.

The Packaging


I have a soft spot for black and rose gold.And when I saw this box I immediately loved it. It’s simple, chic and very stylish. The quality of the palette is great too, it has a good weight to it and close tab is nice and sturdy. It definitely feels substantial in your hand. The palette contains a mirror too, which is huge and really great quality for a palette mirror- I was impressed!

The Palette



I mean, can you get more stunning than this?

I fell in the love the moment I opened the lid, and have used the palette everyday since. I can’t resist.

The colours in this palette are so pretty, and I feel like there is a good range in there for most light skin tones, including fairer tones like mine. This palette is technically marketed as a blush palette, but I personally feel that using some of these colours on the eyes would utilise them even better.

The consistency of these pigments is very creamy, and there’s almost no fallout at all which is impressive for such shimmery tones. Overall I think the quality of this palette is amazing, and I would absolutely recommend his to anyone.




As you can see above, I have only applied a small amount to my arm and the pigment really shines through. These colours are just beautiful and they catch the light wherever you move.


I have been using this palette for a week now, and this is how I wear it:

  • On the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose and brow bone- 5
  • As a contour- 8
  • As a blush- 4
  • Inner lid- 2/5
  • Middle lid- 6

I will show you a full routine with this palette very soon!


My Verdict

foxiness 3

If I could live in a Rose Gold tinted world, I totally would. I already know that my kitchen is going to be full of copper and white, basically the whole kitchen aid collection. Honestly, this palette is LIFE. Whether you want a dewy and glowing daytime look, or a glamorous party look, this palette has got you covered. I will even be creating a Makeup look for Christmas in the coming week so stay tuned!

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