12 Days of Blogmas- Day Eight

‘On the eighth day of Christmas,

My true love gave to me,

Eight maids a milking…’


It’s finally 2017!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year, and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter with you guys!

I know that most of you, including myself, will have probably over indulged in chocolate, cheese and pretty much any other food I could get my hands on!

So in typical ‘New Year, New Me’ fashion, today I want to share with you EIGHT EASY WORKOUTS. Because let’s face it, we all need to get rid of that pooch caused by carb overload… because unfortunately life isn’t too fair

1. Flat Stomach Workout


2. The Booty Popper


3. Lean Thighs


4. Waist trimmer


5. Lazy Girl Exercises


6. Sofa Abs (yep, it’s really called that)


7. Slimming Yoga Asanas


8. Yoga in Bed

That’s it! With all of these different routines to give a go, you’ll be back in bikini body central in no time 😉

See you tomorrow for #12daysofblogmas Day Nine!

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