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First of all I want to say a huge Happy New Year to you all!

I actually did this second round of my Teagime in November, but life got in the way of my timings so I’m only just posting it now!

A couple of months ago it was mine and Sam’s 7th anniversary, and he booked us a stay at Crabhall Manor Hotel and Spa in Chester for a few days. Luckily for us, when we arrived they actually upgraded us to the Master Suite for no extra cost! Anyway, my point is that because we had this lovely few days away, I ate WAAAAY too much. Here’s a little play-by-play on what I ate in the 3 days we were away:


  • Burrito from Greggs (on the way there)
  • Pizza Express (a large Margherita to myself)
  •  Paprika Pringles


  • Steak Bake from Greggs
  • Nachos and Chicken Fajitas from Chiquito
  • More Paprika Pringles


  • Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
  • The BIGGEST Soft Pretzel ever, with Nutella on top
  • Burrito from KFC (after we’d got home)


Which is why I was VERY relieved that my Teagime package had arrived whilst we’d been away.


Side Note: we went to see Doctor Strange the other Saturday, have you guys seen it yet? It’s IMMENSE. However adjusting to Benedict Cumberbatch with an American accent is Strange (see what I did there?!)

Anyway, back to Tea.

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I reviewed Teagime for the first time back in June, you can see the original review here. I loved the teas so much that the lovely folk over at Teagime offered to send me a second batch, and who am I to refuse free tea?

The Process


This is so easy. All you need to do is simply open the sachet of tea, spoon out some of the leaves and add to your cute little Teagime infuser and simply add hot water! There’s no need to take the teabag out with this tea, because it doesn’t stew.

First Impressions (Monday 14th November)



Five- Flavour Tea

‘Honey Red Tea is infused with a mix of warming Cassia Bark and Nourishing Schisandra to give you an uplifted start to the day’

My first thought when I sipped this tea was ‘wow, that’s tangy!’ 

The first taste you get with this tea is a sharp berry flavour, followed by a more mellow earthy note. (I’m not the best at describing taste, sorry!)

It kind of reminds me a little of pomegranate tea, and it doesn’t have that rich, herby flavour which a lot of warming teas do. This is perfect for the morning because it’s light, refreshing and very fruity… which for me is the perfect tea to begin the day with.


She’s a Lady

‘Working Wonders for the Chronically Stressed’

Of course when I read the description for this one I immediately thought ‘PERFECT!’ I’m always stressed, whether it be about work, money or the never ending search for a house. It’s safe to say a good cuppa can heal many sore heads.

With a combination of Lady’s Mantle, Eleuthero Root and Ginger,this one is lovely and earthy, but very easy to drink. It’s not too strong flavoured or concentrated, and I think this one is the perfect tea to drink after a big meal to cleanse the palette and refresh your tummy!


The Light Fantastic

‘This calming and cleansing infusion supports your immune and digestive system.’

Whenever I think of an evening tea, I always associate it with mint. I’m not a lover of mint tea at all, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this tea was devoid of mint completely! Instead there is a warming combination of Elderflower, Fennel and Chamomile. This tea is honestly SOOOO relaxing, I would happily sit in the bath with a cup of this bad boy.


The Results

After the 2 weeks, I have to say I did notice quite a big difference in my sleeping pattern. I do struggle sleeping most nights but I did seem to be much more relaxed and calm at night. I think this would have been a combination of the afternoon and the evening tea.

As always, I highly recommend this brand because I don’t think you can beat handmade, customised tea! 3/3 from me!

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Check out their website here at Teagime, and their Instagram too for more news!

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate post, but all opinions are my own and I only ever endorse products which I absolutely love!

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