Be you, not anyone else

Yesterday I found myself looking at an ex friends Facebook wall. I sat there for a good five minutes saying to myself ‘ooh, I wish I had her fashion sense’ or ‘I wish I could run that far’ etc… and then I turned my phone off and carried on with the rest of my evening. 

But then I woke up this morning, with that niggling itch to go back on it so that I could try and find that dress, or that cardigan online for myself… and I then something snapped inside me, I thought, hold on a minute, why am I trying to compare myself to this person? This particular person who made my life very diffuclt as a teenager, and now who has no part in my life at all? Why would I want to be anything like this person, when we are completely different? 

So I stopped myself. 

This is a problem I have had for a long time, and it’s not specific to one person. If I see a girl with an amazing outfit, body or makeup on Instagram, I screenshot it. That way I can look for the clothes, motivate myself to get fit or find that shade of lipstick. I didn’t see anything atoms with this until this morning, but what am I doing? 

What are we all doing? Because I know for a fact I’m not the only person who does this. We compare ourselves to what we think is the perfect woman/ man, and we try everything to emminate that person within ourselves. Why can’t we be content with being ourselves? We are unique, amazing people, and we have our own style, our own lifestyle and our own values. We need to stop trying to be like that other person, and start focussing on ourselves and what we want to be. 

So next time you scroll through Instagram, maybe think twice before saving a photo. You might not look like a supermodel, run like an athlete or style hair like a pro, but you are a wonderful, beautiful and unique human being in your own right. 

So today I want you to go out there and be you. Take a day off comparing yourself to others and focus on your good sides. You’ll see how much better you feel about yourself by the end of the day. 

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! 

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