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Unfortunately as women, we all come to that time of the month where our bodies erupt into a torrent of pain, emotion and foo cravings. It’s been a full decade nearly for me, and i’m sure for a lot of you too, and it would just be so lovely if we could get some form of treat for our suffering…

Well, that’s where Pink Parcel comes in.

Pink Parcel are a period subscription box who send out boxes monthly, to pep us up, pamper us and give us some sweet treats. Sound good? It really is!

I have got the January box here, but since my body has been stirring for a few days (TMI, sorry!) I thought it was the ideal time for me to show you what I got in my box. At the end of the day, we all experience this irritating body function every month, so why be ashamed to talk about it, or indeed, why not get yourself a treat? Let’s face it, sometimes we all need it.


The Packaging

I was so shocked when I received this box through the post, because it’s massive. Seriously, I expected a box in similar size to Birchbox, but what I was this monster which is PACKED with goodies and essentials.

What’s in the box?

First of all, as you would expect, you receive a selection of either tampons, sanitary towels, or a mixture of both (depending on your personal preference).


For now…

You get a cute little black bag with some smaller ones inside, which you can keep in your handbag for emergencies.

For Later…

You get a good supply of towels and tampons in this one.

For Night…

In this box you get larger towels


For You…

This box contains a whole array of beauty and food treats to cheer you up at this awkward time of the month. Judging by other subscription boxes I have previously had, I was expecting maybe 3-4 little treats or minis in this box… I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I was SO impressed (and very giddy) when I opened this box to find a huge selection of treats for me to try out and enjoy over my week of feeling sorry myself. I got all of this in January’s box:



My Verdict

I am OBSESSED with this. I think this is the best subscription box I’ve ever gotten and I am so happy with everything I received, it has to be a 3/3 from me!

foxiness 3


I couldn’t recommend this highly enough for any of you out there who need a pick me up at this time of the month, and it only costs £6.99 for your first box! This is such a great value box, try it at Pink Parcel and I promise you’ll love it.

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