Love is in the Hair


Hello everyone!

It’s only 2 weeks now until Valentine’s Day, that time of the year where everything turns, fluffy, red and heart shaped. With red being my favourite colour and hearts being my favourite shape, I of course had to make a couple of things for the occasion!

Sam and I aren’t going out on a date this year, but instead we’ve booked off a couple of days from work to spend together, which in my opinion is far better anyway. I will be cooking us Jack Daniel’s Chicken this year, and I might even share the recipe with you, so stay tuned!

Today I want to share with you this cute, romantic hairdo which is perfect for your valentine’s date night this year. It takes literally 5 minutes to do and it is SO pretty for going out in. Let’s get going shall we?

What you’ll need:

  • 2 bobby pins
  • 2 hair ties
  • a hairbrush or comb
  1. First of all, if you don’t have naturally straight hair, straighten it. Remember to use heat protection spray so your hair doesn’t get too damaged!


2. Take 2 small sections of hair from the front of your head and tie them at the back.


3. Take 2 more small sections slightly underneath the first 2, and bring them to the back of your head. Taking one of the pieces, pull it underneath your pony-tailed hair, from bottom to top, so that it sticks out like this…


4. Do exactly the same with the other side. Tie these 2 pieces plus the previous ponytail together. Take your bobby pins and pin down the 2 sections to make a heart shape. (sorry it’s really hard to explain this without showing you). That’s it!


By the way, in case anyone wants to know, I bought the black bardot top on ASOS. You can buy it here if you like!

I really hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial, and please be sure to tag me on twitter @gingerfoxblog or instagram @imogenbethclegg if you try it yourself!




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