Week One Progress 

Hello everyone!


It’s a new week, or at least it was yesterday, and I want to hold my accountable and share with you how my fitness journey began…


Yikes… to be honest guys, I did not start the week with the motivation to move around at all. But I did make sure to do at least 30 squats a day, and did 20 minutes of yoga on Tuesday. I didn’t do much else apart from going for walks on both Saturday and Sunday for a couple of hours. SORRY!

On the bright side, yesterday I discovered the perfect spot to do exercises throughout the workday. As I mentioned in my Red Velvet Truffles post, in the women’s bathroom we have a separate shower room, and this is the perfect size to do yoga and other exercises during the day. So for the past 2 days I have done 20 minutes of yoga on my lunch, and also completed some smaller exercises at different points throughout the day. This means that I can get away from my desk every so often and stretch my body, as well as target areas of my body. Win Win!

I will be sharing with you my full workday workout routine next week, once I’ve settled into a routine, but stay tuned!


As for meals, last week I stuck to every meal on the plan apart from Friday, when we treated ourselves to pizza. But as I said last week, for me this is about getting fit, not going on a diet, and the occasional treat is no big deal. At the weekend we had Beef Stifado made by Sam’s Dad, and on Sunday we had chicken wraps so it wasn’t all bad!

I meant to share my Jerk Chicken recipe with you, but I totally forgot to take photos, so I promise that will come in the next few weeks!

For now, this is my plan for this week…

Meal Plan week 2 (2).png


For this week I wanted to keep things simple, and I wanted to make sure I could prepare my meals for the week easily and quickly. We always try to keep a day free just in case we have a last minute change of plans etc… I would recommend doing this because it helps when you want to reshuffle meals to accommodate what you fancy on a certain day or time restraints.

By the way, if you wanted to know exactly what I drink in the week, it kind of goes like this…

Mon- Fri: 2-4 Cups of Green Tea, 2 Litres of Lemon Water

Sat- Sun: 1 Coffee, Water

Special Treat: 1 Bottle of wine, which I split between Friday and Saturday.  


That’s it for this week’s progress, I will be sharing my work day workout routine next week, so keep an eye out!


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