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It’s nearly Valentines weekend, and I’m sure many of you are planning your date nights for the coming days. I decided to paint my nails, because I haven’t worn nail varnish at all yet this year *gasp*

It’s very unlike me, and since it’s the romance season and red is my favourite colour… I decided that my nails needed some serious vamping up. I couldn’t decide which colour combo I wanted to go with, which is why they turned out like this, but I am so happy with them!

What you’ll need:

*I’m not sponsored by Barry M, they just have my favourite nail polishes*


  1. Firstly, paint your nails with 2 thin coats of white polish (pink on your ring finger)vn2
  2. Take the pink and place it on the top half of your white nails, paint red over the pink. You don’t need to be to precise with this because we will be painting over this with glitter anyway. This is a really simple way to create an ombre look without the need to use a sponge, because all we will do is cover the line with glitter to make it look more flowing. vn3

3. Apply 2 coats of glitter, making sure to concentrate around the line where the colours meet. Apply a top coat and voila!vn5


If you try this tutorial please let me know by tagging me on twitter (@gingerfoxblog) or instagram (imogenbethclegg)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Really love the colours. I agree Barry M nail polishes are one of the if not the best nail Polishes. If you get a chance will you check out my latest post x

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