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Happy Monday!

Well, not necessarily so happy, I’ve just been off for a few days and my body did NOT want to get out of bed this morning…

But let’s be positive. It’s a new week- we have new goals, a clean slate and a fresh mind.

I know I’m late writing this post, sorry! I had a really lovely few days off with Sam and I just wanted to switch off from the online world and spend some quality time to reset. But I’m back at it now, and today I want to share with you how I am exercising in work.


First up, I had to make myself a table (I love making tables and lists)

So I have broken this down into times, days and weeks. I am going to be working to a 4 week rota, so every Monday at 8:15am I will be completing an exercise from week 1,2,3 or 4. I’m on week 3 today, so I have already done Pullovers this morning.

Of course, these times are flexible, I just wanted to try and spread them out through the day. I haven’t added in reps for most of these, because I want it to be flexible, it all depends how much time I have throughout the day. I might not even complete eveything on here each day, because I am at work after all! This for me is just a really helpful guide to have, to keep me moving a little each day.

I have also colour coded each type of workout, and tried my best to spread them evenly over the days and weeks, because the last thing  I want is to work too much on my legs and not be able to move!

Each of these exercises might take me 2-3 minutes, if that, to complete. So it’s not too much at all. The yoga will usually be for 15-20 minutes depending how much time I have, and again I might not do this every single day- but it’s nice to have the option!

The great thing about a plan like this is it is totally customised to you! If you only have the time to do 2-3 different moves each day, then that’s fine! The point here is to keep your muscles moving in small parts through the day.


So, today make it your mission to find a space. Whether it be a stock cupboard, a disabled toilet or a shower room (like me). Anywhere that has enough space to swing your arms will be enough.

Also, when I am sitting at my desk, I like to write numbers with my feet. I usually count up to 30 every few hours just to keep the blood flowing through my legs.

I hope this will be helpful for you and if you do make your own schedule please share it with me! Just hashtag me at #gingerfox fit and tag me on Twitter (@gingerfoxblog) or Instagram (@imogenbethclegg). I’d love to see your plans!

Have a great week! There’ll be a recipe coming in a few days…


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