My Top 5 At Home Workouts

IMG_0317.JPGI say at home, but I actually do these workouts whilst I’m at work. I have a yoga mat, a quiet room and my phone- and that is all you will need for the workouts I’m about to share with you!

I detest the gym. The thought of working out in front of other people gives me MAJOR anxiety, which is why I am always trying to find ways of staying fit without the hassle. I have already talked about FitStar Yoga- which is an app I cannot live without. I talk about it in more detail in my FitStar Yoga: Yoga at Home post.

Anyway, I love to watch YouTube, and I started noticing a lot of workout videos on my suggested- so I gave a few a try. Honestly, best decision ever. I have managed to find myself some AMAZING channels and people who teach you all about nutrition and talk you through workouts. Here are my favourite 5 videos right now:


Honestly, give these a try at home- they’re amazing!

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