Things I Love About Manchester

By now most of you will have heard about the devastating news from last night, where 22 people were killed by an explosive at the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

Words can’t even express the sombre tone spreading across our city this morning- as we try to go about our normal day to day lives with the knowledge of the atrocity that happened on our doorsteps mere hours before.

The question that remains is why?

Why target a children’s concert?

Why here?


I suppose we will never know the true motivations behind the attack yesterday, and we are now left to mourn their family members and friends- and the world is mourning with us.


In light of this, I wanted to try and brighten the mood a little by sharing a few things that I love about this city.


The Community

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You may have already seen on social media about the response of our local people to the disaster last night. Many Taxi drivers offered free lifts to concert go-ers, Holiday Inns all over Manchester offered free accommodation for those affected by the attack. And most of all, our emergency services worked quickly and tirelessly through the night to help those affected and make our people feel safe. This is a community of caring, supportive and selfless people. I am so lucky to comeĀ from a place where the people will drop everything in times of need to help others.

Our Amenities

Aside from London, I can’t think of any other city in the country which has the same amenities as Manchester. We have a city filled with theatres, shops, services, sporting arenas and Media City too- there’s never a problem finding things to do. And if you would rather be in the countryside, Manchester has tonnes of beautiful country parks and mountains locally.

Tatton Park in Knutsford:

IMG_9683camcroder5 195

Lyme Park near Stockport:


Quarry Bank Mill near Manchester Airport:


The Banter

As Mancunians, we are famous for our sense of humour. Whether we are joking about football, the weather or life in general- us Northerners know how to have a laugh!

And Finally…

The Weather

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Anyone who lives in Manchester will know already that the weather is unpredictable. You could wake up one morning to a Heat Wave, and it’ll be torrential rain by lunch time.

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And of course, after the events of last night, I’m sure we are all happy that the sun was well and truly shining over our beautiful city this morning…

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What’s your favourite thing about Manchester, or where you live?

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