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So, I have to be honest, I’m very guilty of getting stuck in a rut with my makeup. Usually I apply the same eye routine every single day- just out of habit, and they are always neutral colours with a bit of copper. I don’t tend to stray from my warm toned comfort zone.

However, it’s now spring, and summer is fast approaching- and in my opinion there’s no better time to get a bit creative with your eyes. There are plenty of ways you can add a splash of colour to a neutral look without it looking too garish, you just need to experiment a little bit!

I decided to whip out my BH Cosmetics Wild and Alluring Palette again this weekend and play around a little bit, and I jumped right in with a colour I would never normally choose for my eyes- bright green.IMG_0328

Yepp, this looks pretty scary- and you may think that you’ll look like a clown with this one- but trust me, it’s actually totally wearable!

Here’s how I did it…


  1. First off I took my Freedom London Palette, and I’m taking this dark brown on the second row. Then, I am applying this with a thin brush to the outer ‘V’ of my eye and working it into the crease, but not above it. I am then also applying this on the inner third of my lower lid. IMG_0323IMG_0324IMG_0325IMG_0326
  2. I am now taking my Wild and Alluring Palette and picking up this beautiful green/ yellow, and applying it VERY generously to the middle third of my lower lid. IMG_0327IMG_0328IMG_0329
  3. Next I am taking this warm brown and working it between the green and dark brown to create a more ombre effect, and to minimise any harsh lines between the colours. Once I have applied this, if needed I’ll go back and pat some more green over the top to really make it pop. IMG_0331IMG_0330IMG_0332IMG_0333
  4. To finish off, I applied the same colours under my eye in the same manner to tie it all together. I also highlighted my brow bone and inner corner for balance. IMG_0335IMG_0348IMG_0349IMG_0351IMG_0352

What colour do you like to add into your makeup for fun?

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