Gemini Constellation Makeup

Hello June!

My favourite month of the year has finally arrived… and it’s my birthday month! I wanted to celebrate this year by painting my blog and my Instagram red, because red is my favourite colour ❤️

But this month is also the month which most Geminis have their birthdays- so to start off my June celebrations, I created this Gemini constellation makeup!

Now, I know I’m not a makeup artist and I’m also not THE BEST at creating these kind of looks… but I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out, so I’m sharing it anyway!

What you’ll need:

1. First up, I’m taking the pink blush from my palette and applying it over my cheekbones, up to the side of my eyes and all over my lower lid and up into the crease.IMG_0390 (2)IMG_0391IMG_0392IMG_0395IMG_0396

2. Next I’m taking this too middle purple and blending that under my cheek bones as a contour and in the centre of my lower lid too- making sure to blend well. IMG_0397IMG_0398IMG_0400

3. I’m now using this aqua blue and applying it onto my nose, under my eyes and using it as a brow bone highlight. I also highlighted my Cupid’s bow with this.IMG_0401IMG_0402IMG_0403IMG_0404 (1)

4. To finish off the colour on my face, I am taking this BEAUTIFUL shimmery coral and applying it to the high point of my face.IMG_0405IMG_0406

5. Here comes the fun part- I’m taking my white pencil and using it to draw stars all over my face- making sure to draw the Gemini constellation first and then adding additional stars afterwards. You can also stick on some cute little star embellishments to really glam this look up! IMG_0407IMG_0409IMG_0414IMG_0418IMG_0421IMG_0423IMG_0424IMG_0427IMG_0429IMG_0431

That’s it! I know the stars might not be the neatest I’m the world- but I’m still happy with how this turned out. You can use the base colours and draw on any star sign you like!

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