Unicorn Nails


It’s finally summer time, and the sun has certainly got his hat on this week! We’ve had 3 days so far of full on sun- and I have to say my freckled skin has suffered a little bit! 

Today I wanted to share a super cute, colourful and summery nail design with you…

Unicorn Nails! 

Now, the name is based more on the colour than the design, but I just think this combination of colour screams the seaside, summer and holidays… 

What you’ll need:

1. Start off with a blue, a purple and a pink nail polish. Paint your nails with 2 coats of the blue. IMG_0683IMG_0684IMG_0685IMG_06862. Grab your sponge and paint 3 stripes in the following order: blue, purple, pink. Carefully dab onto your nails. Repeat a few times until you get the desired effect. IMG_0687IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0690IMG_0692IMG_0695

3. Finish with a top coat and then clean up the edges of your nails using some nail polish remover on a cotton bud. That’s it! IMG_0696IMG_0699IMG_0700IMG_0702IMG_0703IMG_0704IMG_0705IMG_0707IMG_0708IMG_0710

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