July Favourites 2017

Happy Friday everyone!

I actually couldn’t believe it when I flicked through my blog the other day and I hadn’t posted a favourites post in nearly a YEAR. Crazy. So today I’m officially welcoming back one of my favourite segments on the blog, and sharing with you some of the products I have really been loving this month. File_008 (1)


Victoria Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance

File_004 (2)File_001 (1)

The first product I’m going to talk about is the Victoria Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance. A mix of freesia and daisy- this scent is so perfect for the summer and I love it. It’s isn’t too floral or too strong, I actually think it’s got a little tropical feel to it. I’ve been wearing it every single day since my friend bought it for me, and I’m in love.

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick- Birthday Suit

File_005 (2)File_004 (1)

This lip colour is what all of the bloggers are always talking about- and I struggled getting my hands on it. Every single time I visited Superdrug to pick this lipstick up, it was sold out. So in the end I had to order it online. And I have to say I totally get the hype. This colour is like the perfect universal nude lip. It’s not too brown or too pink, it’s just a beautiful dark nude which I think can go with anything. The photo below is me wearing the colour.

File_000 (5)

See? It’s just soo natural, it’s applies so beautifully and lasts for hours. If you’re looking for a good nude matte lip- this is the one.

Barry M Coconut Infusion- Flamingo

File_003 (1)File_000 (2)

I couldn’t complete this favourites list without mentioning the colour I am wearing on both my fingers and toes at the moment. Peachy orange is such a summery colour, and I’ve had lots of compliments on my nails since I applied it. The colour isn’t too orange, meaning you can make it go with pretty much anything you wear- which is great because I plan on wearing this for a few weeks. I’ve topped this look off with the next product I’m going to be talking about…

No7 Gold Glitter

File_006 (1)File_000 (1)

I couldn’t find this on the website, but I know they always bring this glitter nail varnish out around Christmas time. I used this on my nails with Flamingo and just lightly brushed some glitter over the top of the peach to create a fresh summery look. I love chunky glitter, and this is just that. It consists of large pieces of glitter along with microscopic pieces too, which I think creates a really pretty effect.


Aussie Dual Personality Shine and Coloured Hair Serum

File_007 (1)File_005 (1)

I have pretty thick red hair. And for those of you who don’t know, thick hair can get very very dry, and so can red hair. Apparently red hair is thicker than most other colours- which means it can easily end up feeling very wirey and frizzy. Luckily I stumbled across this serum. I love Aussie products- they smell amazing and they always do wonders for my hair when it’s feeling dry and dull. I bought this serum in particular because it not only adds shine, but it’s for coloured hair. And before you ask, no I don’t dye my hair. My colour is all natural and I try my best to keep it as bright as I can. Products for coloured hair work wonders on my red hair, I don’t know how they work but they seem to keep my hair looking so bright and healthy- so I swear by them now. Anyway, this serum smells beautiful, it applies really easily and it makes my hair feel incredibly soft. I would recommend it to anyone.


LEUCHTTURM Bullet Journal Notebook

File_006 (2)File_002 (1)

Bullet Journalling seems to be a trend that’s taking the world by storm at the moment, and I’m no exception. I’ve always been a big fan of pen and paper, and I love making list, ticking things off lists and generally being organised. Having this dotted journal is amazing because it doesn’t confine me to lines, but I also means I can still write in a straight line and not all over the place. This book comes with 2 section ribbons- which is awesome because I’m forever needing a few thing on the go at once. The paper is amazing quality and the book itself is just simple and clean. I love it.

Mozart Brush Pens

File_009 (2)File_009 (1)

My mum and dad bought me these pens for my birthday and I love them. It’s painting watercolour without the mess. The brushes are super soft, and the colours are gorgeous. Below I’ve got this week’s bullet journal spread to show you an example of how these look on paper. Beautiful.

File_000 (4)

And last but not least, as I was taking the photos for this month’s spread, I noticed a little visitor in the garden… it’s a baby wood pigeon! The official name for this little guy is a Squab, which I think is just the funniest thing.

File_008 (2)File_003 (3)File_002 (3)File_001 (3)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites, let me know which of these is your favourite!

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